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How to adjust your mindset for business performance

07 Apr How Mindset Drives Business Performance On The Service Drive

  [youtube][/youtube] Let me take you on a quick trip back to my band days. For those of you not familiar with “band” thinking, it’s very much like being in a gang. You must stick together, and everything is for the good of the band. So one...

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15 Mar Fear Of Failure

[youtube][/youtube] Just got back from Portland Oregon … Miss how wet and cold my old home is sometimes. One of the things I am always trying to figure out is how to get Managers to leave a workshop or meeting and take action right away when they...

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08 Feb DLynn Proctor Speaks To The Chris Collins Elite Group

[youtube][/youtube] Service Industries all share the same goals, and the good ones share the same principles. At our last “Elite Coaching Group” Meeting we had DLynn Proctor from the Documentary SOMM as a guest speaker. He shared his lessons learned on Performance, Customer Service, Mindset, Increasing Sales and...

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