10 Jan #27 The Dirty Little Secret: The Future Of The Industry

On Todays Show; Chris Collins and Gary Daniel kick off this tell all podcast with some obligatory NFL talk with  Service Advisor Trainer and Service Manager Coach Jair Martinez…a 49er’s fan. This kind of football talk has relevance though as the guys discuss how football has created systems and culture, two huge components in the success of any business. How important is it that Tom Brady and the best coaches in the sport implement a great SYSTEM that converts? Furthermore, how important is it that other players and coaches, including rivals and competitors in the industry strive to learn from the greats? CULTURE AND SYSTEMS! – All is revealed and discussed in this week’s podcast.


03 Jan #26 The State Of The Industry

Chris Collins and Gary Daniel, provide insight and intrigue as to the current state of the Automotive Industry and where it’s heading. Not only do they provide the insight, they discuss ways to stay ahead of an ever changing and malleable industry. BUT FIRST, the service drive guru’s talk about their trip to New York and getting tickets to the exclusive Hamilton theatre production. Chris points out how the play is pushing the boundaries of how theatrical art can be made, as he states “There are no rules!” They also are in for a surprise as they have seats right in front of a world famous musician and actress – to find out who, listen to the full episode below.


27 Dec #25 How to Improve Focus and Time Management In Your Service Department

Straight out of the gate, Leading Service Manager Trainers Chris Collins and Gary Daniel open up a nice bottle of oak barrel whiskey, a monthly whiskey subscription from Chris to Gary that is “the gift that keeps giving”. Then the gurus of the Service Drive get down to business and start discussing the new Time Management tools, closely inspired by Gary’s new read Deep Work by Cal Newport. But just as they are about to delve into the content, Gary walks into a landmine and reminds Chris of a story that Gary’s wife let loose in the office – for that you’ll have to listen to the full episode!


20 Dec #24 - Service Advisors: Should You Hire a Veteran or a Newbie?

On this week’s show, Leading Service Manager Trainers Chris Collins and Gary Daniel wind down after a long week and ask the question, “as a service advisor what’s better: to train your own newbies? or to hire a wily veteran?” They discuss whether this is a subjective decision that is relative to each dealership, or can a one trick tool work across the board. Gary also receives a hot tip from a listener on his cholesterol – a hilariously titled book called ‘Cholesterol Clarity’.

Before the topic gets completely underway, Gary discusses his eventful weekend that involved some rough and tumble, unwanted attention from a mysterious figure, a sore head and some memory loss. Chris has some theories about what happened – all of which you’ll have to listen to find out!


13 Dec #23 - It's Time To Get Uncomfortable

Leading Service Manager Trainers, Chris Collins and Gary Daniel discuss how personal growth and business success often require a level of discomfort. As prolific artist Jean Cocteau once said: “You have comfort. You don’t have luxury. Don’t tell me money plays a part. The luxury I advocate has nothing to do with money. It is the reward of those who have no fear of discomfort”.

In this revealing episode, Chris and Gary discuss their own personal experiences of discomfort, sacrificing their own comforts in the business world in order to progress and further their self potential. To exemplify and unravel this idea, Chris discusses his fear of public speaking – “i’m the quiet guy at back of the room”. How does Chris overcome this fear, through a small level of discomfort!

06 Dec #22: Making 2017 Your Best Year Ever

Leading Service Manager Trainers, Chris Collins and Gary Daniel reveal how to build a forecast, how to establish goals and discuss the overall tools for making your Service Department the best it can be in 2017. Chris states “It’s ok if you don’t know it…but let’s get you knowing it, lets get you those tools!”.

22 Nov #20: The Great Technician Drought of 2021

Welcome to the one and only Service Drive Revolution Bull-cast! If you have technicians, service advisors or customers, this podcast is dedicated to you. We love the smell of oil in the morning. We give away more content and strategies on this podcast than most people pay for. It’s a steal, ladies and gentlemen! Today, Gary and I are diving into the looming Great Technician Drought. You’re going to be blown away by the stats. Don’t despair, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you’re struggling to hire and retain techs, we’ll give you some sustainable strategies to curb your losses.


16 Nov #19: Work Ethic Secrets from Master Sommelier DLynn Proctor

Welcome to a Service Drive Revolution SPECIAL EDITION! Enjoy an exclusive view inside our Mastermind Coaching Group with guest and Master Sommelier, DLynn Proctor. In this Mastermind we cover a number of things required to be the best in your business, whether in Service or in Wine. Specifically, We discuss the incredible work ethic required to be awarded the title of Master Sommelier. A group so small that since 1969, only 230 people can call themselves Masters. Now that’s extreme dedication. Sit back, relax, open a bottle of wine and enjoy this interview with a Master!


08 Nov #18: How To Cultivate a High Performing Service Department

What are the notable differences between low and high performing service departments? What changes can you make, as an owner, a service manager and a service advisor, to increase overall departmental profitability? Gary and I invited Dan Morris, owner of a Honest-1 Auto Care shop in Florida, to help us debate these differences.