Fear Of Failure

15 Mar Fear Of Failure


Just got back from Portland Oregon … Miss how wet and cold my old home is sometimes.

One of the things I am always trying to figure out is how to get Managers to leave a workshop or meeting and take action right away when they get back to their dealership.

I know if they wait even one day they run the risk of doing nothing with their new found tools and strategies.

When I follow up and hear that they haven’t done anything months later, I always try and dig deeper and find out why.

The conclusion I come up with most often is “Fear Of Failure”.

I get it.

Nothing is easy and sometimes it feels better to wait, than to take a chance or leap of faith.

I do find that the bigger the gap grows between the Old Way of doing things in our Service Department’s that no longer works and doesn’t gets results, and the New Stuff that does, the more of a leap of faith it takes for some Managers. I also know the Industry is changing and it sometimes feels like I am alone in what I see coming.

We all have a responsibility to this great Industry of ours to make it something our People and Customers are proud of.

This video really comes from the heart more than anything I have ever done

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