Scale Up And Grow Or Else….

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10 Jul Scale Up And Grow Or Else….

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” —James Cash Penney, Founder of JCPenney

Learning how to scale up and grow your business is not optional. If you’re not pushing forward, you’re falling behind.

The good news is, scaling up and growing your business is not magic. There are specific areas to focus on that will help accomplish this goal. There are also clear strategies that will help. For example…

Hiring. It’s mandatory that you get over the fear of adding more people because more people means more business. More business means growth is happening. You may also have to get used to quelling the fears of your staff so they don’t worry, or feel threatened. They should understand that growth means new opportunities in the shop, and potentially more money.

Think of hiring as one of your strategies for scale and growth.

For example, we have this tested, tried and true structure to how many Service Advisors you should have to Service Technicians to grow your techs and ensure they get better inspections. It’s always 1 to 3, and it’s a system. If you constantly have one more Service Technician and one more Service Advisor than you need you can take in more customers, sell more per car, serve your customers better and do a better job.

Customer Collection. Sometimes a client will tell me, “We’re running out of work.”
So, I’ll say, “What’s the number to your shop?” Then I call the place asking if I can bring my car in and almost always they say no. They’re not actually running out of work, they’re not focused on customer retention. If someone calls with a blown tire, don’t take it as someone interrupting your day. Take it as an opportunity!

If you can get people in right away, you’re in the right spot. That’s how you gain market share. If you own your marketplace then people don’t have to wait, you’ll have all the resources you need, and you’re providing a great customer experience. Crack that open and build out your support system to back that up.

Pet the Dog. Another key to scaling is connecting with customers. Selling is the easiest part of writing service if people trust you or like you. The Advisor’s role is to connect to customers and make friends. If this is something you struggle with, then watch my Pet the Dog video series because it focuses on ways you can make friends with your customers, connecting to them on a personal level.

To recap, scaling is a mindset. Think of it as systems. Set them up to grow.

You need to be on notice every six months if you’re not adding Advisors and Techs that your team is not focused enough on retention. Make sure everyone is focused on answering the phone and getting involved with what’s happening.

Fact is, people are looking for a place to take their cars. You just got to connect, make friends with people and make it a great experience. The growth will happen if you master that.


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