Women in the Service Drive

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21 Apr Women in the Service Drive


The Auto Service Drive is male dominated, and the car industry hasn’t made enough of an effort to understand female customers, or recruit more female sales people and advisors. We know this, but this is what you don’t know…

Personally, I employed tons of women in the service drive. Want to know why? Some of the best advisors I ever had were women. They’re good at the job. Having women around also helps keep the locker talk down.

Women are also terrific, loyal customers and make, or influence 85% of all purchasing decisions, including traditional male ones like…automobiles.


But, yes, there are differences when dealing with female customers, AND there are different challenges for women when they work in an industry that is male dominated. So this week we had Lindsey Glass on the show to talk about her experience as a female customer in the service drive.

Whatever you think about female customers—it doesn’t matter what you think. It’s how we make customer’s feel that’s important, so you have to pay attention because it’s a big deal. Perception is reality.

If you’re a service advisor or service manager, and your female customers perceive you’re indifferent, than that’s going to affect your results and your CSI regardless of whether that was your intention.


Female consumers think differently, and often want the process to be explained. In my experience, women want to know what to expect and want you to take time with them and frame the experience. Here’s my trade secret for when I handled female customers…

I’d walk up with a big smile on my face, find a way to compliment them, ask them what they were doing that day, etc. If I saw a car seat, or kids stuff, I’d ask about their kids. I really appreciated my females customers because they’d give praise when we did a good job, and were loyal.

Female customers are also way more susceptible to a maintenance plan. If you take the time to show them what’s available and explain how it all works, they are yours forever.


To wrap up, let me reiterate, female customers are loyal and spend money. And, there’s a TON of opportunity for women who want to work in the service drive, so I’ll be writing a follow up article on how to set yourself up for success if you’re a woman in the Automotive Industry.


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