Do You Have What it Takes to 
Win the $50,000 
Service Manager Challenge?
What are we talking about here? 
A $50K Service Manager Challenge! 

Well, how do I enter? 
It's easy! Click the button and fill out the form below. We'll be in contact with the details.

Okay. What do I win? 
The service manager that improves the most in one year using the Chris Collins Inc. techniques wins $50,000. Yup, that's $50,000! We will crown the tournament winner at the 2017 Top Dog Event.
Enter The Challenge Today!

This is our Second Annual $50K Service Manager Tournament and last year’s results were AMAZING! The service managers who entered in 2016 had an average customer service up 9.20%, net profit up 13.70%, and effective labor rate up $23.30 per hour by the end of the tournament.

Can I compete? 

Yes! Anyone with a car dealership or repair shop can enter and win! If you service vehicles of any kind, you can enter this tournament. Remember, you aren’t competing with other dealerships—it’s you against YOU. 

Enter today for a chance to win!

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