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The success of automotive dealership businesses depends on the number of customers they cater to. And having many customers depends on their business relationship. Leading businessmen and leaders agreed that business growth and stability depends on having good relationship to their customers. And building a ground to a good customer relationship is being able to communicate and connect in a deeper level.

A businesses’ reputation is only as good as the customer service it provides. Once you were able to get the nod and respect of your client, chances are, your business will always be on their mind the next time they need help related with the goods you offer. Here are easy ways to make customer communication as easy but effective as it should be.

1. Build impression. It doesn’t take a genius to know how people will react to certain things. Make simple gestures and maintain eye contact. Talk only of truth and do not bloat things. If possible, give an impression that you are both on the same level and that you are trying to reach out. Often, you will need to talk about your company so do not make up stories.

2. Listen attentively. Always remember, the main concern is not you but the client, so always focus on what they are saying, and not on what you have to say to them. Listen to things they will tell you and respond accordingly. Make sure to respond with relevant information based from what your company offers and not from what other companies can offer them.

3. Ask open-ended questions. Asking questions is better than pretending you know what’s right for your client. It doesn’t hurt to ask question and to know more about what the customer wants. More often than not, clients already knew what they wanted and is just trying to shop for better offers. Some clients try to test the company or dealership prior to availing services or products to make sure they are dealing with trustworthy people.

4. Offer helpful insights and suggestions. Once you are able to establish a connection, it’s time to give your own insights based on expertise and experiences. Again, do not make up stories or you’ll end up catching for follow up lies. Suggest things which might interest them and will eventually help in their decision-making.

5. Read their body language. Once you have established initial presentation, it’s time to read what’s next, so you might need to talk them out from there. Adapt to their current emotion or feelings and respond in a certain way that they will react positively.

6. Sound, look and feel positive. Normally, when trying to establish a connection to a customer, they tend to react the same way you approach them. And chances are they will also decide based from how you present yourself. A person with good customer relationship skill is able to get the customer avail their product and/or service. But a person with great people skill is able to do the same and build relationship at the same time.

Having a good customer connection skill cannot be done overnight. But with constant practice and application on how to effective communicate with people in a deeper level, you’ll soon be able to connect with people from all walks of life.


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