“As a service advisor what’s better: to train your own newbies? or to hire a wily veteran?” They discuss whether this is a subjective decision that is relative to each dealership, or can a one trick tool work across the board. Gary also receives a hot tip from a listener on his cholesterol – a hilariously titled book called ‘Cholesterol Clarity’. Before the topic gets completely underway, Gary discusses his eventful weekend that involved some rough and tumble, unwanted attention from a mysterious figure, a sore head and some memory loss. Chris has some theories about what happened – all of which you’ll have to listen to find out!

In addition, Chris reveals some of his notes and major takeaways from a mastermind meeting he had with the New York Times best selling author Dr. Robert Cialdini. You may have heard Gary and Chris review Cialdini’s books from previous episodes, but here they apply some of Chris’ notes to the Service Drive. Furthermore, they talk about a few of Cialdini’s key studies on the subconscious mind and how something as small as putting up a poster can make huge improvements in productivity.

This episode is a must listen for those looking to gain the inside knowledge and tools on how to take your personal life, your business and more specifically your Service Drive to the next level.