In the first of this two part episode, the gurus of the Service Drive Chris Collins and Gary Daniel join Chris Collins Inc Coach and Mentor Jair Martinez in a series of discussions. These range from Gary’s bad eye sight, Underoos, Jair’s terrible car service, wine grown on the cliffs of Italy and multiple karaoke versions of various classic rock hits intertwined throughout – as Gary laughs “We’re musical tonight!”

Moving to our main topic of the week, Gary puts on his “readers”ashe breaks through the statistics and the compelling charts mapped out in a very revealing study and survey- The Carlisle Technician Survey. The study outlines the barriers between TECHNICIANS and ADVISORS and more important it looks at the reasons as to why customers switch between dealerships and independents – WHAT IS PUSHING YOUR CUSTOMERS AWAY? WHO HAD A SLIGHT EDGE IN THE EYES OF THE CONSUMER AND WHY? Surprising and Shocking revelations follow! Gary breaks down these statics in the survey in an easy palatable way so that you can come away with straightforward answers to some of the big concerns in our industry.

This if the first part so SUBSCRIBE and listen to next week’s show as Gary delves deeper into the study and reveals some simple tools that you can implement in your SERVICE DRIVE today! It will help retain customers, create a fun, enjoyable and collective work environment between components of the service drive and finally give amazing insight to how the customers, tech and advisors think!