#36 – How To Make Gamification Effective

by | Mar 14, 2017

How to be effective with Gamification, an expertise of the Chris Collins Inc family.

Before they discuss the main topic of this show, the guys talk about cases from their own dealerships that involved customer service issues. Chris and Gary pick Mario’s brain as they pass ideas back and forth about how advisors can deal with those kind of problems and how it affects them. Resolving this, the guys bring up the relevance and the essential tool of SYSTEMS – an indispensable key in creating a complete model of success. To further the opening segment, the SERVICE DRIVE gurus bring up various topics that advisors struggle with, including facing common customer issues, coming up with direct solutions on how to fix those problems.

Before they move over to the main topic of this week Gamification, Chris asks Mario “ok so what are your top 5 tips….for dating!”This leads onto a discussion of love languages, for more onthat click the link for the full episode!

Moving onto Gamification, Mario reveals his best games for getting the advisors motivated. He discusses some of his favorite games, breaking down the rules and revealing how they create a buzz and energy that will want everyone to get involved and therefore push more sales. Mario also discusses how he comes up with the games and how they evolve and change to suit the dealership. He recommends that all the games should be taken with the base rules, ideas and concepts and then are adapted to suit the vibe of your shop. In addition, Mario talks about the games that are the most effective right now, looking at a trend of how some games really motivate advisors to do better and be more productive.

Finally, Mario looks at what holds managers back. What is the main issue that holds a manager back from making Gamification an effective tool in their tool box?…All is revealed in this next episode of SERVICE DRIVE REVOLUTION.

This week’s show has some amazing insight into the potential of Gamification. If you struggle implementing, coming up with ideas or just getting into the spirit of games in your SERVICE DRIVE, then this is must listen podcast.