I have spent much of my life coaching hardworking people and fixing broken businesses. Each story was unique and every day provided me with new challenges. In these challenges, the stakes were high. It was someone’s career, business or legacy on the line. They trusted in me, and I promised to deliver.

There is no better feeling than helping people find success and clarity out of chaos and loss. It’s a feeling I’ve become addicted to, and I now want to help as many people as possible, no matter the industry. In today’s world, the rich are getting richer, and it is harder than ever to break away from the competition.

On the show, I help small business owners and entrepreneurs solve the problems keeping them up at night. If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur who needs help with their business, give us a call at 1.833.7.WHISPER (833.794.4773) on Tuesdays between 3-5pm PST. If we’re not picking up, leave us a message with your name, number, and business question. Or submit a question online to www.chirscollinsinc.com/business-whisperer

We might just answer it live, on air!