Continuing with the brand new business podcast, Chris Collins Unleashed, Chris and Gary look into whether or not it’s good to go into business with family or friends.

Gary discusses running a business with his wife, which almost ended in divorce. Chris has a lighter approach to the subject and suggests that if you have a cash heavy business, like a cartel or mafia, then family is the way to go! Gary believes that running business’ with family or friends blurs the home/work balance and the issue of hierarchy that runs within it. Feeling like it causes too much tension and can affect your marriage, Gary is not the advocate of such a business model. Chris feels like it’s possible and gives Gary certain situations in which family can be a huge asset. The experts share stories from running a business themselves and fixing businesses that dealt with family and friends.

Listen to this week’s fun, but insightful episode of Chris Collins Unleashed, and you will receive the tools and guidance that can help you when thinking about starting a new business or improving the business you run today.