In this week’s show, Chris and Gary speak up for the underdog, the companies going against the big, overpowering conglomerates that dominate the mass market industries, and the give you the secret weapon in this David vs Goliath fight.

The number one tool that smaller business’ can use to create an edge in the market is your connection to the customer and creating a trustworthy, loyal bond. Chris talks about one of his favorite bookshops, ‘Powell’s Bookstore,’ in Portland, Oregon and compares what they do to Barnes and Noble + Amazon.

This sparks a similar thought for Gary who recently needed some tools from a hardware store for a home project. With a Home Depot opposite his local hardware store, he discusses what his local hardware store could do to retain a loyal following and customer base in order to stay in business alongside the giants of the hardware industry.

Chris also breaks down the 3 types of employees. Important to understand, this will help you hire the best personalities for customer service.