You’ve heard of the saying ‘time is money.’ Actually, to be more precise it’s actually loss time is loss money. That’s because when it comes to business time is a finite resource. It’s fixed and you know you only get a certain amount of it per day – 24 hours’ worth.

Not only that, it’s not like you can do use up those 24 hours just to do business. If you are a big transnational corporation maybe but if you’re a small or medium-sized business you’re probably just open 12 hours per day tops.

This means that in order to make any money you need to make good use of the time you have. That said, many businesses often have problems with seeing the importance of maximizing time usage. Often, it is because they don’t realize that time is finite. They think that all jobs have to be given the same level of importance.

This is the wrong outlook to have. If your business is doing this then you’re probably losing money and you don’t even realize it. That’s why it is important for you to know about time management and use it to its fullest.

5 Great reasons why time management is so important.

Time management is not just about managing time and the use of tools and practices to achieve this. It’s also a discipline to managing yourself. It’s how you manage your use of time that makes time management so effective.

If you’re not using it for your business you’re losing a lot more than the opportunity. Here’s good reasons why you should use time management.

  1. Time is limited. There’s no escaping this fact. There’s only so many hours in a day that if you lose even just a minute of it, you won’t be able to bring it back so you can use it again.

It’s not like you can store it in your store room and use it whenever you need more time. Wouldn’t that be great? Unfortunately, real life isn’t that great and as you have probably experienced by now, once those seconds and minutes tick by there’s no going back.

Before you know it the day is over and you’re stuck with not having done anything. With time management you will be able to make maximum use of the time so that even if you do lose a couple here and there it won’t really affect the accomplishment of your goals.

  1. You get more hours to be productive. It’s not like extra hours will be added in the day. What it means is that you will be able to do more during the work hours than you normally would.

It’s pretty simple really. Imagine that for a certain project it takes you 5 hours to work on it. With time management you are able to cut it down to 4 hours. This means that you have an extra hour that you would normally use up freed.

You can then use this extra hour to do other things and it can add up during the week. The result is that you will be able to do a lot more because of that extra hour gained or rather saved because you were able to manage your time.

Not only do you get more productive hours; you also become more efficient thereby increasing your overall productivity. That’s because you are able to do more work in less time than you normally would before time management.

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Because you get more work done you also get more experience under your belt. This results in you learning more ways to streamline your work thereby increasing your efficiency. This means you are able to lower the time it takes to finish the same work thereby giving you more freed time which you can then apply to more work and so on.

  1. You are able to prioritize work. Not all work is created equal. This means that some things require more priority than others. With time management you are able to give each work the attention that it needs.

If it needs to be done first because it is time sensitive then it will be given top priority. This also allows you deliver on your promises. If you say you will get the work done on such and such a date, with time management you will be able to accomplish that.

That’s because time management gives you the guidance to stay on track of things. Because you’re not wasting time you are able to focus more on what needs to be done so you can get it done within the time constraints if there’s any.

  1. You get things done – even the work you didn’t want to do. Many of us have things at work that we rather wouldn’t do. It could be doing the books or doing inventory or things of that nature. The thing is, you need to get these things done if you want your business to move on in a more efficient manner.

With time management you have no choice but to just do it even if you don’t like it. That’s because the work is lined up based on priority so if the work you hate doing is first up you have no choice but to do it so you can get it done and out of your hair.

This will actually work wonders for your self-satisfaction. That’s because by simply doing the work as you cross it out of your to-do list you will just get it done whether you like them or not. This will give you a sense of achievement especially when you are finished with the list.

  1. You get to learn self-discipline. In the end it all comes down to how well you discipline yourself to follow the time table set up by your time management. By learning how to manage a finite resource that is time you also get the foundation to manage other resources in your business.

Because of this you are able to motivate yourself to do more. At the same time you actually relieve stress since by doing time management you no longer need to always go chasing after time that’s already gone. With time management you are able to make full use of the time you have so you minimize the loss and maximize the gain.

Minimize these time wasters

Even if you have time management you can still waste time. That’s because there are many time wasters around your place of business. If you don’t do anything to control them, they can still sap the time saved from your time management program.

  • Multi-tasking. While it sounds like a good idea – being able to do many things at the same time, it doesn’t mean you are able to finish many things at the same time. Often, multi-tasking simply prolongs everything since you’re constantly jumping from one work to another. The result is you end up doing a little on each but nothing substantial to even finish them all, let alone finish one.
  • Refusing to delegate. Delegation is important if you want to effectively manage time in your business. Taking all major jobs yourself is a fast track to getting nowhere. It’s like you’re multi-tasking and the result will be things getting done in a haphazard way. This is because you are not able to focus your attention on one task. Because time is limited you won’t be able to finish everything so you get nothing done.
  • The email trap. Answering emails is always good. After all, effective communication is the key to an effective workplace. That said, emails can often overwhelm people such that they spend a lot more of their time on it. This results in less time for work which lowers productivity.
  • An open-door policy. Interacting with fellow co-workers is always a good thing. It builds camaraderie and cohesion so that the work gets done faster. That said people popping in at different times of the say maybe inopportune when it comes to getting work done.

In the end, the amount of work done depends on the amount spent on actually doing the work. Spending 10 hours in your business means nothing if you are only able to get 7 hours of work done. The 3 hours of unproductive time is time that you won’t be able to get back. It’s also time that could have been turned into money for your business.

Time management is a good idea. This allows you to take control of the limited time you have so you can do more for less resulting in greater productivity and efficiency.

Cutting down on things that waste time is a start. What time wasters can you cut down in your business so you can be more productive and more efficient in managing your time. Leave your comments below.



A man can’t live alone as what people used to say. No man can make it big without any help. Much like Bill Gates to Microsoft or Steven Spielberg and his movie outfit. They are the driving force of their company, but they also need the help of the people working for them. Here are some thoughts that you might want to consider in leading your small business towards success.

As a businessman who owns an automotive dealership, you’ll need the assistance of people who are more knowledgeable than you are, technically speaking. Except if you want to run an automotive business on your own, which of course one might find too odd, you need to have service advisors. So what is the job of a service advisor job that will help benefit your business? Can they bring you towards your goal of having a successful business?

As the owner, you also need to deal with so many things like managing your employees, marketing and advertising, and other business ventures. Dealing with these things can already exhaust a normal person and so having service advisors to handle the front lines of your business is definitely a big boost.

Package deal – Mechanic cum salesperson

Service advisors should have the technical know-how of mechanics and the skill of a salesperson, all in one. Packed with automotive knowledge, a service advisor should easily be able to identify any vehicle issues, the kind of repair it needs to undergo, and maintenance services to prevent any untoward incidents in the future. This brings to a point when they need to sit down and speak with clients – old or potential customers and discuss things on how to resolve any issues related to their vehicle.

Selling is another factor to consider when hiring a service advisor and so experience in sales is a plus, although, an applicant who knows how to sell their selves convincingly during an interview can be taken into consideration. By selling, it doesn’t mean they know how to aggressively victimize customers into committing to buy but rather they should know how to explain properly why the need to spend more in additional safety measures which your business is offering. Convincing power is a skill but should not used to devour customers; else they’ll go away forever.

Therefore, we are looking for a prospect that understands what they are doing and knows how to explain what needs to be done. Easy to find? Think again.

Office Management Skills

Another factor to consider is their knowledge to keep things in order. Hiring an insider is easy since you already know the person’s capability but if an outsider applies for a job, it’s somewhat hard to prove. And so most rely on an additional piece of resume about their office management style, computer literacy, knowledge in inventory among others.


Without a doubt, hiring a person whose only desire is to help you achieve success will definitely take you wherever you want to go. Look for those who envision not only things that needed to be done today but also on things that might be useful in the future. Let them present their insights, suggestions, goals, visions. Who knows, you and that person might be thinking a lot the same.



Quotable Quotes From Chris Collins Top Dog Advisor Event 2013

On selling service

  • People don’t come to us because they want to. They come to us because they need to. And they expect us to advise them and to provide them service – the top-notch service. Also, they want to be able to know “hey I got a car doctor that I can bring my car to and I can leave it for the day and they’re going to take care of us.
  • A lot of times what I do is really, really soft sell this. I don’t know if it’s going to be the most important thing in your car. I see that you’re due for a different couple of things – fuel injection service might be a good idea – but let’s hold off on doing anything until I see what the technician thinks.
  • When I call them and I tell them the car needs this and I can get it done for them to drive home with, to me, I feel like they have no choice but to say ‘go ahead and do it.’ Their car is already there. When they’re sitting in front of me and I’m trying to sell it to them they have more of a chance of saying no, no, no, no, no.
  • These clients see you once every six months, maybe. Just tell them ‘Mr. Smith, I just want to remind you Mr. Smith last time we recommended the power steering flush in your car. You’re here again, you’re a little past due now but we can get you back up to speed. Do you want to do it?’ 9 out of 10 times they say yes. Trust me, by the third time I bring it up, it’s sold because they will not turn you down.
  • I always make sure I present very clearly what they need and why they need it. Then I stop talking; just shut up and let them think, let them process. I see a lot of advisors in my shop, they’ll sell hard on the drive and they lose the customer before they’re done doing the walk-around.

On sales

  • Forget about money for a second. If you have high cp sales but your CSI isn’t good you’re chasing people (customers) away.
  • Really it’s a matter of making yourself memorable; big difference enough to make yourself memorable.

On work and self-motivation

  • If you put your goal somewhere where you see it every single day you will never stop. It just keeps on coming.
  • You got to motivate yourself. When you have downtime, role play. I think practice makes perfect.
  • That’s kind of my whole take on the whole thing. So you come in today and you’ve got 15 2012 cars. That doesn’t determine what your days are going to be like. That doesn’t mean anything to me. I come in one day and sure I’ve got a bunch of services and repairs and stuff that are pre-sold; I come in the next day and I have 15 2012 and 2013s – my outlook for the day is going to be the same no matter what. I come to work to have fun and do the best that I can do. Be consistent – I don’t pre-judge a customer. That doesn’t mean that somebody’s going to pull in on a flatbed or walk in with a black hat. There are opportunities out there. I just try not to sell myself short.

On communication

  • Communication is the most important word in the world. It’s astounding how much isn’t right in our world because of bad communication. It’s beautiful to see things that are right because of great communication.
  • We all like to talk; we like to share a certain amount of ourselves. I like to ask questions and really engage an individual into what’s it about.
  • At the end of the day, I am well aware that I’m selling a luxury product, as most of you are also. We’re selling wants not needs. Clients will say that “I need” and I’m like ‘you don’t need.’ Nothing in these four walls anyone ever needs.

Last word from Chris Collins

 “Nobody trains in our industry. There’s no training; there’s nowhere they can go. It’s kind of like they learn from the shitty guy before them. It’s basically what we have in our industry so I’d really like to change the industry. I think as lofty as that is that’s my goal.”



What You Can Learn from Michael Jordan that Helps in our Service Departments

Video Transcription:

Hey everybody, Chris Collins here and my trusted sidekick Mario. (Hey, everyone.) We are here to talk about what we learned from Michael Jordan that can help us be champions in our dealerships. Mario knows a lot about champions because he’s a San Francisco 49rs fan; they went to the Superbowl last year and then just lost to the Seahawks this week. (We had to bring that up? Now, we had a bet and I’m supposed to wear jersey so I had to make that up to Chris on the next one.) Mario wanted to bet that the loser has to shave his head. That was the bet he proposed, which makes absolutely no sense. (That was a win-win for me.)No sense there for me.

The Seahawks play the 49rs later this season so I don’t wanna talk too much trash because there’s a lot of season and the Seahawks are way over high favorite and I love them to death.

So, the Jordan thing came up because Mario’s huge Jordan fan and he even named a son after Jordan, correct? (Correct.) Huge Michael Jordan fan and he’s thinking about getting a tattoo on his back of Jordan’s spread holding the ball, all the way across your back, right? (Yeah, either that or San Francisco, I haven’t made up my mind.)

We have three things here that we pulled out of Jordan’s book and things and stories that we know about Jordan from reading other books. The first one is talking about what Jordan lets into his mind or lets into his head. And his mom talked about in his book that she didn’t let him watch TV except for once a week on Saturday. Something to the effect of had she not instilled values and discipline in him from an early age, he would just have sat on the couch and watched TV all the time. And so it starts with what you let in your mind watching TV.

We just came in from our Top Dog event with the best service advisors in the country that we invited to this event and they workshop. It was funny to me when we went around the room and we’re asking them different questions, the really top guys in the room don’t watch TV at all, whatsoever. (Yeah, they’re more, mostly readers.) Yeah, and most of the time it’s funny to me too. I rarely watch TV. People ask me ‘Hey, have you seen the show ‘Breaking Bad’ or this show, this and that?’ No, never seen it, have no idea what it is, don’t care. I’d much rather be reading a book and try to figure out how to get better than sitting there like a drone in front of the TV, letting all that noise and negativity in my head. So, the first characteristic is, be careful what you let in your head and protecting yourself.

The next one is plying up in life. Jordan played up in life in many situations. He talks about in his book how he would wait to play with the older kids and even though he would sit in the sidelines, eventually one person wouldn’t show up in a pick of game and he get to play with the older kids and so he was playing up and he was learning to play with the bigger, faster kids at a very, very young age. Right? (He actually enjoyed it. He would really go out there and just wait for hours until he has his chance. Sometimes he wouldn’t play. But he wanted to beat at the next level so he go and challenge himself everyday.

You can play up in life by managers that are better than you and surrounding yourself with people that are achieving things that you aren’t achieving, like getting in my mastermind or one of my coaching groups. It’s always amazing to me when guys join my coaching group how literally takes us a couple of months to figure out how to make their department profitable and how to get them performing in a very high level. It doesn’t take any time at all but, it’s just them getting in, a group of managers that support them, that have the idea and have the track record of success that they can instantly just plug in, like plugging into a switch. And they instantly can get results. So, playing up in life and surrounding yourself with higher performers.

And the third is the drive and bulldog mentality. Never say that you can’t, right? (Right, there was actually a good part in the book where it actually spoke about Michael Jordan’s family slogan. It actually said – How do you know, if you don’t try? That was his theme, if he ever mention ‘I can’t’ in front of his family, they would always say, how do you know if you don’t try? The thing they used to say at that time was – If you try, then you can’t fail, if you don’t try, then you already failed pretty much. That’s one thing that he lived by, and everyday, he would never allow his mind to say ‘I can’t.’ So he’s always, I could, I could, I could. And showed them that he did.

It’s powerful. It’s that if you think you can, or you think you can’t, either way you’re right, right? So, drive and bulldog mentality. And with that bulldog mentality comes a lot of hard work. It’s funny, it’s happened to me many times in life, when people where people say, “You are lucky, or you have the golden touch.”  But, they’re not there with me when I’m reading books and they’re watching TV. They’re not there with me when I’m staying four extra hours or when I’m tracking down somebody to learn something or figure out what I’m missing or surrounding myself with the people that are going to help me get to where I want to go.

It’s easy to just say that people are born lucky or you know, they’re chosen. But really, that isn’t the case. For Jordan, they weren’t there 7 am when he was lifting weights and they were sleeping. They weren’t there in the offseason when he was practicing harder than he did during the season, trying to get an edge, trying to increase his free throw percentage, trying to learn a better jump shot and all those weapons that we have. Those were all created over time in the offseason by constantly practicing and never giving up.

The funny thing is Michael Jordan actually used to get picked up by his coach. At six thirty in the morning, he would go and practice in the gym for an hour before showering and going to class. The funny thing is, he still, all that work he did for a year and a half, he still didn’t make the varsity team. But he was still determined and he didn’t give up. So, even though you’re doing all that work, you might not get your accomplishment or your goal. But by not giving up, you eventually will. A lot of people, when they don’t see the fruit of their labor right away, they just put their hands up and give up. Jordan showed you didn’t gave up, keep your goal, keep your eyes on the prize and you will reach it. And that’s powerful.

Just in a kind of conclusion, you deserve to be successful; you deserve to achieve great things and to perform to your full potential and live up to your full potential.

And I’ll tell you, the best day of your life is the day that you accept responsibility for your results and you look yourself square in the eye and you decide how to go get it and no excuses. Bulldog mentality; go after it, and achieve everything that you can and run a healthy department, and run a healthy dealership and live up to your full potential.

Thanks for watching.



A company’s progress depends mainly on one of its core assets, the employees. Knowing what kind of service you provide does not end there; you also need to know the quality of work, their strengths and weaknesses, and how you’ll be able not only to satisfy but provide excellent service to your customer. And this mainly depends on how good your people are.

Running an auto dealership could go well with good mechanics helping you out. But having great service advisors, who are knowledgeable in almost all the customer needs, is having a business one step higher compared to ordinary car repair shop. Effective and reliable service advisor or sometimes referred to as Service Consultant, can definitely give you a big advantage and help your company deliver big time in terms of quality service. They serve as a consultant to those seeking your service. And this will determine how likely your customers are to return.

Training and Development

Deciding to hire service advisors packed with the knowledge necessary to contribute to your company does not stop from there. Even if he or she is considered the best, there is always a room for improvement. More often, it becomes a reason for good service advisors to leave if they did not feel being taken care of, especially if they feel they are not growing with the company. As businessmen, you need to understand that people also look at things how to improve themselves.

Providing the necessary training for your service advisor not only will benefit your business, but your employees, as well as they, can share their newfound knowledge to coworkers, and you don’t need to spend lots of money to train people. And since the year in and year out, new car models are made and released, it is best that at times, you may avail new training programs for your service advisors to upgrade their knowledge.

As a Salesperson

Being technical, as a service advisor, their work does not stop there. They also act as your salespersons – not only for the services that you offer but especially on the parts and accessories that you also sell. They can make suggestions to customers on what parts of their vehicle need to be replaced or what product or equipment a motorist needs to buy and maintain. In this way, not only you are helping customers on problems about their vehicles, people will always think that you are after their welfare whenever your service advisors do their job well.

People’s Man

More likely you are to get services advisors that are more technically inclined. A technical person is not usually a ‘people’s man’ and becoming open to customers cannot be done overnight. Therefore, you might need to invest some time with them and have them spend more time on customers. In this way, not only will he or she be able to help customers in vehicle-related issues, you are also indirectly training your service advisors to be more open to communication to customers. One of the best ways of making people patronize your product and service is by making them feel comfortable – and this is thru your service advisors.



Becoming a good service advisor requires intensive on the job training, commitment, dedication, and at times years of experience for you to familiar the ins and outs of the job. You cannot be one of the best overnight and then the next day expect that clients will come flocking your company’s doorstep asking for your exclusive service. While you cannot be a good service advisor overnight, there are ways that you can apply to yourself while performing the job. These are proven tips that will help you perform your job well.

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The first thing to keep in mind as a service advisor is that you always need to create a great first impression with the customers.

The first forty seconds of your contact with the client is very critical while if it is a woman, you only got thirty seconds to impress them. So how do you make a great first impression? There are several ways to do it.

Basically, you can start immediately by simply establishing rapport with your client. You can do this by complimenting their car, the clothes they are wearing, or simply their nice smile. However you do it, just remember that you need to say something about your client that’s sincere always try to look for something instantly.

Secondly, it is important that all service advisors start their day with a plan.

  • It is imperative that you have a precise and clear goal for each day to become more productive.

 You can always try to set sales goals or a specific item like alignments. Also, it is important that you always wear a smile whenever you are at work. This is the best way in establishing a rapport with your client, because you look friendlier to your clients and it helps them to become more relax and open with you.

  • It is also advised that service advisors take the customer’s side.

 You can do this by expressing concern with their problem and letting them feel that you are truly concern with them. In doing this, it is important that you sound sincere and genuine.

  • It is essential that you dress neatly.

 You need to keep it in mind that you represent the whole service department. Thus, it is important that you look neat and clean to the customer for them to get an impression that the department is efficient. This will get them more confidence with them to bring their car. In addition, it is also important that you put value with your service. You can do this by assuring them that the department has the newest tools for diagnosis or simply tell them that your team is certified to perform the service or possess the skills that need to get the job done.

  • There are also times that asking an open-ended question will be required.

 So instead of asking a question with a yes and no answer, it is better if you can keep your customers talking. This is because when they say something regarding their problems or desired service, you will have an idea as what the problem really is. In relation to this, it is also encouraged that you become a good listener. You will gain their confidence better when you listen to them while you also get clues on what other things need to be addressed aside from the problems they have told you.

 Finally, a constant follow-up is also a practice of a good service advisor.

 In cases that you have suggested to one customer that particular work will be finished in a certain time, then follow-up. In cases of delay, it is important that you tell the customer immediately. They can be forgiving of these situations only if they are properly notified. So simply keep all of this in mind and you know that you are a good service advisor.

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