Four Reasons Why Consultants Can’t Save Your Service Drive

I personally hate, consultants. I know people might think that we’re consultants, but those people would be wrong. Today, we’re going to go through the 4 Reasons Consultants Can’t and Won’t Save You. It’s a fun list, it’s going to be informative, and we’re going to tell you some inside industry secrets for sure. You […]

How to Become a Master of Time Management

I don’t normally repeat Christian’s jokes on the blog – I think it’s way better to hear them yourself by watching or listening to the show – but this one was way too good for our readers to pass up, mainly because it has to do with today’s topic: So he heard a story once […]

Empowering Advisors with Mia Griggs

This week on the show, we interviewed a TikTok star, which is basically like a celebrity to us. Mia Griggs does great stuff where she role plays as both the customer and the service advisor, and it’s hilarious. She has over 10 million views and, recently, we had the chance to catch up with her […]

The Top 10 Reasons Why Customers Hate Service Advisors

I thought it was funny yesterday, we were on our bi-weekly call with our coaches that are out in the field, and when we were talking about the agenda for the call, and Christian was like, “I want to talk about menus.” Because one of the things that we will do when we go into […]

The Best Marketing Books of All Time (Part 2)

  So last week, we talked about the first half of my eccentric marketing book list, so today we’re going to finish it out. I’m sure people are going to learn some things, and others are going to be like, “What? What is he talking about?!” To recap, we had an online coaching meeting where […]

The Best Marketing Books of All Time (Part 1)

We just had a virtual event earlier this month, people in the chat kept asking me, “What are the best marketing books?” I kind of locked up because I had no answer for that, except that there isn’t really one. If you want to study marketing and really understand it, we’ve got to go through […]

How to Retain Technicians

Christian and I had an interesting exchange yesterday. He thought I was trying to “open a loop” on him, which is an NLP thing. That’s like if I said, “Christian, I know how you can make a million dollars, but first…” and then we talk about something else, so then that loop is still in […]

The Top 5 Career Moves Service Advisors Can Make

How can a service advisor get in the fast lane, the passing lane, and really jump ahead in their career? Today we’re going to talk about the top five career moves a service advisor can make! We’ve been selling a lot of our OnDemand platform that comes with Service Manager University, the best service advisor […]

When Should You Deviate From Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance?

Before we go into the topic of today’s show, we have an interesting development: So Jeremy ordered parts from a Ford dealer that wasn’t named on the show, but you could draw a circle around his shop and maybe figure out. They’re up in the high desert and they generally don’t use any of the […]

Every Service Advisor’s Holy Grail

We got a lot of action on the show with dealerships vs. independents and who has the advantage, but Jeremy’s got a client at his shop, Freedom Auto Repair, who’s also a marketing professor, and he calls up Jeremy like, “Hey, I caught the episode you did, independents vs. dealerships. Great stuff, but you guys […]