Mia is a trainer and instructor who uses her unique perspective of the industry to motivate and train service advisors and BDC representatives virtually and on the drive. After starting out in a BDC in 2010, Mia realized that not only was she passionate about cars, she was highly motivated to help her customers through empathy and open communication. After becoming a BDC team lead, Mia paved her way through the industry and eventually found her calling as a service advisor for multiple brands. She even helped a small independent shop hit a yearly record of $2M in gross profit for the first time in the shop’s history.

Having experience with both fixed ops dealers and independent shops gave Mia a well-rounded view of the automotive industry, which led her to start creating entertaining videos on social media about her experiences back in early 2020. After several of her videos went viral online in that same year, Mia was discovered by Chris Collins and was invited to be a guest on the SDR podcast, which then led her to become a writer and trainer for the team. With a younger generation of people entering the automotive workforce, Mia uses her humor and relatability to to connect with and inspire those she teaches, thus leading to immediate results and long-term success for service drives across the country.