One problem I’ve seen in many, many of the dealerships I’ve helped over the years, both those I’ve run or owned myself, and those owned by my clients, is that there isn’t much focus on providing proper training to Service Managers.

There’s a pervasive attitude and common perception that the sales side of a dealership, specifically the new vehicle sales department, is the “sexy” side of the business. As such, dealerships commonly spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in training and development for their sales staff—and little or none to develop their Service Managers or Service Advisors.

In fact, this disparity is so prevalent, so vast, that while there are countless sales gurus, training courses, books, videos, and more, all designed to train salespeople, comprehensive Service Manager and Service Advisor training is virtually nonexistent.


Here’s the thing. In a typical dealership, the fixed operations departments tend to generate between 10% and 15% of the company’s revenues—they’re responsible for between 40% and 50% of profits! That’s with service departments managed by Service Managers with little more training than just what they’ve been able to discern from their own trial and error experience over the years, and staffed with Service Advisors with no training other than that provided on a day-to-day basis by that same basically-untrained Service Manager!

Imagine if instead, you could find a training system as powerful, or even more powerful, for your Service Managers and Service Advisors, as the ones you invest so much in sending your sales staff to? How much more profit could your service department make? Or, if your fixed-ops departments aren’t running at a profit at all, how badly do you need to find such a training system?


My Virtual Training for Service Advisors and Service Managers is the best in the business. In fact, if you look around, you’ll soon discover that it’s very nearly the only comprehensive training system for both Managers and Advisors in existence!

The results speak for themselves. My clients see an increase in effective labor rate of $10 to $20 or even more. Many have seen month-over-prior-year profit increases of better than 100%, and a number of my clients have gone from their Service Departments running at a 5-figure monthly net loss, to a 6-figure monthly net profit!


When you join the Chris Collins Coaching Group, you don’t just get a seminar that your people will forget about in a week or two, and slip back to their old habits. Depending on the level of help you decide you need, on our Good-Better-Best system, you’ll get long-term access to my Virtual Training, tools and software to help you manage your service team’s performance, in-person coaching and training from me, The Bulldog, ongoing membership in my coaching group for real-time support and advice, or at the Best level, even a comprehensive done-for-you solution in which my team and I will directly operate your fixed operations departments for a year, during which we get paid based solely on the increase you see in your department’s performance!

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