Hello and welcome!  I’m Chris, “The Bulldog,” Collins, and I’d like to take a moment to talk about sales coaching training and what I feel separates the good, the bad and the Top Dogs.  To me, by far, the most important element for any sales training is for it to be engaging and exciting.  Let me say that again.  By far, the most important element for sales coaching training, or any training at all for that matter, is for it to be engaging and exciting.  This means that even what you teach is less important!  Why?  It’s simple, really.


Let me tell you about a car dealership Service Manager I taught once in San Diego.  He was in the habit of holding monthly meetings for his personnel, to train them in the latest techniques and procedures and also as a forum for complaints and suggestions for improvement.  Sounds like a good idea, right?  Only, he dreaded them.  Every month, he’d buy his staff pizza – which ate up at least half of the time by itself – and then go through his planned training curriculum while everyone around him was bored (and fed) and half asleep.  Then, inevitably, someone would start to complain, mostly about things that neither he, nor anyone else there, could do anything about.  The department stagnated and soon he found himself making excuses for why he was failing at his job.

After meeting me, he changed things up.  Crazy as it may sound, he ditched his entire traditional training agenda, and even axed the pizza!  Instead, he incorporated games and game mechanics into his training.  Suddenly, everyone was engaged and excited.  They showed up early for his meetings instead of making excuses as to why they couldn’t come!  The excitement and buzz they generated was so infectious that soon other department managers were showing up too.  The Service Department’s morale skyrocketed and, as happy employees make for productive employees and happy customers, their bottom line skyrocketed too.  Instead of making excuses for poor performance, he became a guru and was invited to attend other managers’ meetings to help them solve their own problems as well.


Maybe you’ve heard of gamification, or maybe you haven’t.  If you have, and you haven’t given it a shot, let me tell you, it is one of the best sales training tools in the world today.  In fact, I believe firmly that it is the best way to train your sales team.  It engages and excites employees like no other sales training system, it boosts morale, and ultimately, it can and will absolutely transform any business or department into achieving year-over-year sales increases beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed – my record is over $220,000 for a single month!


If you’re not familiar with gamification, then let me tell you in brief what it’s all about.  In short, gamification is the application of modern game mechanics and game theory to sales training, and ultimately to a business’s daily operations.  These mechanics include goal setting to let your people know where to go, milestones to help them get there, visual feedback along the path to keep them motivated, a carefully calibrated difficulty curve to keep them interested without overwhelming them, social interaction to keep them cohesive and engaged, and most importantly, meaningful rewards for engaging in thoughtfully chosen profit-generating behaviors and achieving milestones and goals.


Here at Chris Collins, Inc., gamification is my specialty.  In fact, I’ve often been called a gamification guru.  I’ve used it to turn around businesses ranging from car dealerships and their various departments, to coffee shops and even a flower shop.  Since I started offering my services outside of my own businesses just a few years ago, my clients have improved their year-over-year sales by nearly $4 Million.  So, come on in, take a look around, and then let me know how I can turn your sales team into Top Dogs!

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