Welcome to the manual for updating content and settings for your website. Below you will find instructions relating to each section of your website.


Go to
Enter “Username” and “Password”
Click “Login”

Theme Options

  1. Google Analytics

    • Enter your analytics ID only (not the full code they provide). This will link to your entire website with your Google Analytics account.
  2. Facebook Pixel

    • Enter your Facebook pixel ID only (not the full code they provide). This will link to your entire website with your Facebook account.
  3. Social Media

    • Throughout the site there are links to your social media accounts. You can update the links globally here.

Creating Blog Posts

  1. Once logged into the dashboard, click “posts” from the menu on the left.
  2. Select “Add New”
    • Enter a title and description
    • You can change the permalink (aka slug) below the title. Do not change this once you start promoting your post/article online or links will break.
    • On the right side you can “Add New Category” or check a current category box.
    • Click “Set featured image” to upload a banner image. This will also be used on the homepage and/or other pages to display post links.
    • Click “Publish” or “Update”

Creating Video Content

Videos are used on the homepage to display featured media content. 4 videos are selected from the “Featured” category. If a video is not in the featured category it will not show up on the homepage.

  1. Select “Videos” from the left side of the dashboard
  2. Click “Add New”
  3. Enter a title (this is used for organizational purposes and not shown to users)
  4. Under “Video Fields” enter the following information
    • “Youtube Video” – Enter the Youtube URL from your browser. The video will appear below this field if done correctly.
    • “Video Loop” – Click “Add File” to upload a video (This should be in the .mp4 format)
    • “Custom Video Thumbnail – Click “Add or Upload File” to upload a custom thumbnail. This is used for mobile devices to help load speed, replacing the Video Loop.
    • Check “Featured” from the Video Categories (This is required to display the video on the homepage).
    • Click “Publish” or “Update”

How To Podcasts

  1. Select “Podcasts”
  2. Click “Add New”
  3. Enter the podcast title and description
  4. Copy and paste the podcast iframe embed code from Libsyn to the “Podcast iFrame” field.
  5. There are currently 2 categories “Chris Collins Unleashed” and “Service Drive Revolution. Check the appropriate category.
  6. Click “Set featured image” to upload the podcast banner image.
  7. Click “Publish” or “Update”


Event Options

  • Select “Events”
  • Click “Event Options”
    • Enter the “Events Page Title” and “Events Page Subtitle”. These will be shown on the overview page for all events.
    • Click “Add of Upload File” to load a banner image for the events overview page.
    • Click “Save Changes”

Creating An Event

  1. Select “Events”
  2. Click “Add New”
  3. Enter the event title and description
  4. Under “Event Info” enter the following information
    • Facebook link. This will be used as the location to RSVP
    • Ticketing Platform Link (where users can purchase their ticket to the event)
    • Enter the date the event will take place.
  5. “Set featured image” is not currently setup for events.
  6. Click “Publish” or “Update”


  • Select “Products”
  • Click “Add New”
  • Enter the product title an description
  • Under “Product data” we will go over adding a “Simple product”
    • General tab
      • Enter the “Regular price”
      • Enter the “Sale price” Optional
    • Inventory tab
      • Enter the “SKU”. This is a unique identifier you create with each product (ex. 101)
      • “Stock status” must be set to “In stock”
    • Shipping Tab
      • Enter the weight and dimensions of the product being shipping. This will allow the user to calculate shipping cost.
  • Enter a “Product short description”. This is shown at the top of the page below the title.
  • Check the product category from the right side.
  • Upload a “Product Image”
  • “Add product gallery images” (This is optional but will create a rotating gallery with thumbnails below the product image)
  • Click “Publish” or “Update”


  • Select “Services”
  • Click “Add Service”
  • Enter the service title an description
  • Click “Set featured image” and upload or select an image from the library.
  • Click “Publish”