Thank You For Your Interest

Thank you for your interest in our on-demand training platform. A member of our team will be in touch shortly to walk through how you can get started. Together we will work to empower your entire team to reach their full potential and begin to retain more of your customers.

1:1 Coaching With Chris Collins

Looking for more hands on help? We also offer select businesses with the opportunity to engage with Chris Collins in a 1:1 strategy session specific to your business. If you're interested in this next step, grab time with a member of our team on the calendar to the right.

    What Can You Expect?


    Led by one of our top coaches, a semi-private, a one-day workshop for Service Managers and GMs that walks you through the steps to profit from the personalized opening that launches our proven system in your dealership.


    A private Chris Collins Inc. coach will meet with your Service Manager on private coaching calls to help solve unusual and complex problems and skillfully implement our system.


    When you need the support, we’ll be there for you, with all the particulars for your unique situation. Service Managers will have the personalized help they need, tailored exactly to your dealership and your customers.


    Service Managers can come to a distraction-free setting to discuss what works, what doesn’t, set goals, and hold one another responsible. They will return home with an action plan with the best systems that work.

    Here's What Our Customers Say About Chris Collins:

    The service department’s profitability has increased a
    full 20%. We went from losing money every month and being a burden on the store to a real profit center! Without the guidance and support of the Chris Collins team, many of these changes would not have happened.

    Don Volk

    Denny Menholt Chevy, Buick, GMC

    We needed a full paradigm shift in our attitude, execution, and presentation to our guests. We immediately started to see results. ELR goes up, RO count goes up, And CSI goes up! We were absorbing more than ever and breaking every sales and gross record. I had actually forgotten or that you can always better your best.

    Damon Egan

    Sherwood Ford

    I simply needed to follow the provided road map. The destination was to arrive at a fresh perspective to service, with a customer focus, increase the profits, and grow the total sales. Thank you, Chris, we are well on our way! / The cool thing about a destination is that arrival is eminent. Each step gets you closer.

    Mike Rabbits

    Johnson City