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1-Hour Strategy Session

Create an A to Z financial plan of action in your FREE 1-hour strategy session with Business Fixer and Automotive Expert Chris “The Bulldog” Collins.

Training For Your Entire Department

Easily plug any member of your team into our library of content, so you can bring your focus back to high level tasks.

The Last Online Training You'll Ever Need

Our team is constantly updating OnDemand so you can improve your department with up-to-date strategies. It’s no wonder over 95% of people who purchase stay on
Net/Gross increase of 38% ELR increased by $18 CSI increased from 63 to 74
Damon Egan
Sherwood Ford
Net/Gross increase of 55% ELR increased by $26 CSI increased from 93 to 94
David Cissi
Mercedes Benz of St. Louis
Net/Gross increase of 20% ELR increased by $29 CSI increased from 87 to 98
Don Volk
Denny Menholt Chevy, Buick, GMC

What People Are Saying...

My ELR changed almost overnight. In a few short months we were able to increase our revenue by $180,000...
Kollin Born
Kollin Born
The return has been huge! We've increased our ELR consistently across all of our stores. Our advisors are much better salespeople..
Fred Kirschbaum
Fred Kirschbaum
Chief Financial Officer

Why Train Your Fixed Ops?


Percent of customers do not return to the dealership of purchase for scheduled maintenance.

$15.9 Million

In revenue is lost by the average dealer in one year due to poor customer retention in their Fixed Ops.


Customers are 17 times more likely to buy their next car from their servicing dealership.

The Numbers Don't Lie.

According to NADA, the average dealership in America is leaving millions of dollars on the table because of poor customer retention. 


We’ve created a system that guarantees future new car sales by skyrocketing retention through your Fixed Ops. With over 14 hours of video, Service Drive Revolution OnDemand is the most robust online training platform ever created for the automotive industry, proven to increase dealership profitability… 

And right now, your first month is 60% off.

Who Uses Our System?

Join some of the most successful dealers in North America by signing up for our OnDemand Training, with essential programs to inspire your team to work harder and stronger together, all while your business gains momentum, and increases profits.

“The return with Chris Collins is so huge that the investment becomes miniscule. Where else can you get a 30-to-1 return?

Fred Kirschbaum
Chief Financial Officer, Checkered Flag Automobile Company

“We’ve learned to rebuild internal culture through coaching, gamification, and accountability. We’ve learned how to connect with customers on a higher level. Most importantly, I’ve gained a mentor for life. Thank you, Chris Collins, for all your help.

Shane C. Prough 
General Manager, Ryan Chevrolet

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This course will teach you proven strategies to build a stronger team, increase customer satisfaction and retention, create pricing strategies that drive profits, and increase your ELR by as much as $15 to $20!

With over 4 hours of training content, Service Manager University gives you all the skills you need to become the hero of your dealership!

  1. Mindset: Starting a Revolution-9 Minutes
  2. An Exercise on Clarity-10 Minutes
  3. Goals 1: How to be a Heat Seeking Missile-4 Minutes
  4. Goals 2: How Do You Know if you’ve Won or Lost-4 Minutes
  1. The Foundation of our Industry-Fixed Absorption-10 Minutes
  2. How to Get Your Service Department Profitable-Effective Labor Rate-9 Minutes
  3. Pricing Strategy Part 1-8 Minutes
  4. Pricing Strategy Part 2-3 Minutes
  5. Labor-2 Minutes
  6. Maintenance Labor Part 1-10 Minutes
  7. Maintenance Labor Part 2-3 Minutes
  8. Competitive Labor-2 Minutes
  1. The Theory of Constraints-9 Minutes
  2. Service Drive Judo: The Architecture-8 Minutes
  3. Quick Lube-6 Minutes
  4. Lateral Support-2 Minutes
  5. Technician And Team Lead Play Plan-7 Minutes
  6. Service Drive Judo Part 1-18 Minutes
  7. Service Drive Judo Part 2-5 Minutes
  1. Gasoline on Fire-6 Minutes
  2. Shift Meetings-11 Minutes
  3. Spiff Tracking-2 Minutes
  4. The Inspection System-6 Minutes
  5. Creating Maintenance Intervals-4 Minutes
  6. Accountability: Service Advisors-6 Minutes
  7. Accountability: Technicians-8 Minutes
  8. Missed Opportunities-6 Minutes
  1. Service Advisor Pay Plan Part 1-10 Minutes
  2. Service Advisor Pay Plan Part 2-7 Minutes
  3. Minimum Requirements-6 Minutes
  1. How to Build a Team of Championship Bulldogs-10 Minutes
  2. The 3 Steps to Upgrading Your Team-5 Minutes
  3. Hire A Killer Support Staff-8 Minutes
  4. Your Secret Weapon: The Group Interview-11 Minutes
  5. Support Staff: In-Person Interview-9 Minutes
  6. Top Dog Advisors-2 Minutes
  7. Top Dog Advisors: The Ad & The Interview-6 Minutes
  8. Service Advisors: The In-Person Interview-10 Minutes
  9. Technicians-2 Minutes
  10. How to Attract & Hire Top Producing Technicians-6 Minutes
  11. Technicians: The Ad & Phone Interview-2 Minutes
  12. Technicians: The In-Person Interview-10 Minute


The most effective Service Advisor training ever created. Using our proven "Circle of Trust" system, Master Class Service Advisor teaches Service Advisors to connect with customers on a deeper level, and help them see that you care about their needs.

With nearly 3 hours of content, Master Class Service Advisor will transform your Service Advisors into highly-skilled customer collectors, who deliver the very best customer service experience every time.

  1. Introduction-2 Minutes
  2. Circle of Life-2 Minutes
  3. Let’s Be Friends-4 Minutes
  4. Keeping Customers In Dependable Cars-2 Minutes
  5. Gross Profit-3 Minutes
  6. Effective Labor Rate-3 Minutes
  7. HPRO-4 Minutes
  8. Three Types Of Customer Pay Labor Overview-3 Minutes
  9. Maintenance Labor-7 Minutes
  10. Repair Labor-2 Minutes
  11. Competitive Labor-4 Minute
  1. Introduction-1 Minute
  2. Attitude and Smile-7 Minutes
  3. Dress to Impress-5 Minutes
  4. Keys to Success-4 Minutes
  5. The Sixth Sense-12 Minutes
  1. Overview-5 Minutes
  2. Instantly Connect-7 Minutes
  3. Check History and Advise-2 Minutes
  4. Inspection Sheet Report Card-3 Minutes
  5. Two Hour Call-2 Minutes
  6. Commitment to CSE/CSI-6 Minutes
  7. Sales Call Table Of Contents-7 Minutes
  8. The Dos and Don’ts-2 Minutes
  9. Decline Lines-2 Minutes
  10. Under-Promise/Over-Deliver-5 Minutes
  11. Quality Control-2 Minutes
  12. Walk of Shame-3 Minutes
  13. Be There Next Time-4 Minutes
  1. Pet the Dog Intro-2 Minutes
  2. Pet the Dog-14 Minutes
  3. Pattern Interrupt-9 Minutes
  4. Pet the Dog Walk-Around-9 Minutes
  1. Selling Maintenance Intro-2 Minutes
  2. Brake Fluid Service-2 Minutes
  3. Power Steering Service-2 Minutes
  4. Fuel Service-5 Minutes
  5. Coolant Service-4 Minutes
  6. Re-Hose Service-3 Minutes
  7. Alignments-4 Minutes
  8. Nitrogen Service-3 Minute
  1. Introduction-2 Minutes
  2. Pre-Game and Mindset-2 Minutes
  3. Pressure and Tension-6 Minutes
  4. Purgatory-6 Minutes
  5. Prevent-8 Minute
  1. Selling Tires Introduction-8 Minutes
  2. Key One-4 Minutes
  3. Key Two-3 Minutes
  4. Key Three-2 Minutes
  5. Key Four-3 Minutes
  6. Key Five-5 Minutes
  7. 5 Key Quick Tips-2 Minute
  1. Time Management Intro-2 Minutes
  2. The Piggy Bank-4 Minutes


The greatest advantage you can have in any market is great customer service, and that's what you'll learn with Pet the Dog Customer Service.

If you don’t connect with your customers on a meaningful level, they can (and will) walk away. With nearly an hour of content, Pet the Dog Customer Service teaches Service Advisors how to connect with customers, increasing sales and retention.

  1. Pet the Dog Cartoon-7 Minutes
  2. Pet the Dog Introduction-3 Minutes
  3. “P” for Presentation-10 Minutes
  4. “E” for Engage-13 Minutes
  5. “T” for Trust-9 Minutes
  6. Summary-3 Minutes
  7. Bonus-6 Minute


Many studies have proven that higher morale results in more sales, higher customer satisfaction, increased referrals, lower turnover, fewer discipline issues, and much, much more…

With over 2 hours of games included in Gamification, your team will be happier and more energized to sell and maximize profits!

  1. Gamification: The Secret Sauce-7 Minutes
  2. Football-6 Minutes
  3. For Get It-4 Minutes
  4. Jenga Greed-6 Minutes
  5. Hangman-4 Minutes
  6. Humpty Dumpty-4 Minutes
  7. Fixed Ops Pong-3 Minutes
  8. Jenga Towers-6 Minutes
  9. Fixed Ops Card Games-9 Minutes
  10. Fixed Ops Uno-5 Minutes
  11. Nerf Bullseye-4 Minutes
  12. Nerf Jenga-5 Minutes
  13. Poker-9 Minutes
  14. Rat Race-5 Minutes
  15. Tetris Link-5 Minutes
  16. Root Beer-4 Minutes
  17. Sales Olympics-4 Minutes
  18. Snakes on a Board-4 Minutes
  19. Tic Tac Pong-3 Minutes
  20. Baseball-3 Minutes
  21. Blackjack-6 Minutes
  22. Card Ninja-3 Minutes
  23. Cut Throat-7 Minutes
  24. Fill or Bust-6 Minutes


It is estimated we are losing two Technicians for every new one coming into our industry... With over 4 hours of content, Technician Tree is our system for recruiting and training a balanced mix of Technicians for your Service Drive, helping you reach the level of production you need in order to hit the big sales number you deserve.

Technician Tree has been tested and proven to hire hundreds of Technicians for our private Coaching clients. It worked for them, and it will work for you!

  1. Mindset Introduction-1 Minute
  2. You Are What You Eat-6 Minutes
  3. Sometimes When You Lose You Win-4 Minutes
  4. The Value Of A Technician-8 Minutes
  5. Attention To Detail-10 Minutes
  6. It’s About Them Not You-3 Minutes
  7. The Rule Of 5-10 Minutes
  8. The Plan-5 Minutes
  1. Outreach Introduction-1 Minute
  2. Avatar-10 Minutes
  3. Steps To Building A Great Ad-2 Minutes
  4. When And Where-17 Minutes
  5. Choose the Right Bait-18 Minutes
  6. The What And The Why-21 Minutes
  7. A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words-11 Minutes
  8. SEO and Keywords-7 Minutes
  9. Wash, Rinse and Repeat-10 Minutes
  10. Local vs Import-2 Minutes
  11. The 6.5 Tips to Lock Them Down-3 Minute
  1. Retain Introduction-1 Minute
  2. Grow Your Own-2 Minutes
  3. Ascension Plan-7 Minutes
  4. The Godfather-6 Minutes
  5. The Price Is Right-4 Minutes
  6. Momentum-8 Minutes
  7. Automatic Upgrade-3 Minutes
  8. Comeback Psychology-3 Minutes
  9. More Than Just An Hour-4 Minute
  1. Engage Introduction-3 Minutes
  2. Basketball-8 Minutes
  3. Bozo Buckets-4 Minutes
  4. Dice Roll’s-7 Minutes
  5. Dollar Bill Poker-4 Minutes
  6. Poker-5 Minutes
  7. Raffle Tickets-5 Minute
  1. Introduction-7 Minutes
  2. Set Up Service Advisor for Success-7 Minutes
  3. Work Life Balanced and Flow-5 Minutes
  4. Six Tips for Turning More Hours-5 Minutes
  5. Five Strategies for Filling the Pipe Line-6 Minutes
  6. Tech Inspection GROUND-4 Minutes
  7. Tech Inspection MID LEVEL-3 Minutes
  8. Tech Inspection CAR IN AIR-5 Minute

And access to 20+ additional modules!

(Including but not limited to: BDC Training, Leadership Training, Technician Training, Customer Service Training, and more!)

But wait! There's more...

Order now to get access to these priceless bonuses.


Spend an hour with Chris Collins. Build a custom financial plan for your business, map out the first steps of your journey, and set goals for yourself and your team.

Hiring Chris for an hour of consulting would cost you $3,330! But right now, for just a fraction of the cost, you'll gain access to a one-on-one strategy session with Chris Collins.​


Service Drive Revolution OnDemand Training comes with workbooks, goal sheets, and printable log books, and every lesson is followed by a quiz to ensure that the information is retained.

The system automatically records results and will award certificates of completion for every course, enabling you to instantly check the status of your team's progression.


Included with Service Drive Revolution are several hours' worth of bonus content, including over 50 Morning Meeting Pops, over 6 hours of Guest Speakers from our annual Top Dog event, lessons in Accountability and Retention from our Virtual Coaching Meeting Guest Speakers, and more!

Why Chris Collins?

This isn’t an idealized system taught by Consultants with zero business experience. 

As the General Manager of the #1 BMW Dealership in the world, I boosted our revenue by over $200 Million in just 2 years. These $200 Million systems and strategies form the foundation of my OnDemand Training system.

While others are charging 5 to 6 times more for just a basic consultation, my OnDemand Training is yours for just $249.95 a month. And right now, your first month is 60% off.

Why so affordable? Because our customer retention is unmatched. Virtually everyone who has ever joined OnDemand has stayed, because there are no contracts or hidden fees; just a commitment to growing your business where it counts, and our friendly and professional staff are devoted to assisting you when you need it.

And right now, I’m offering a free signed copy of both of my best-selling books, plus a free Strategy Session with one of my coaches as my way of saying thanks.”

– Chris Collins

Why Chris Collins?

Chris Collins is the world’s foremost Fixed Ops expert and business fixer; revolutionizing businesses, and bringing fun and massive profits to industry leaders across the U.S. and Canada.

He is the author of two best-selling books, and has been featured on The Howard Stern Show, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, and in The New York Post.

From dressing in hand-me-downs and living on donated food in Tijuana, Mexico, to washing cars in a Seattle dealership, he worked his way through the the automotive industry– a hyper-competitive business– to become the General Manager of the #1 BMW dealership in the world.

His methods may be unorthodox, but normal never created change. He and his training programs help success-minded individuals from all walks of life crush their goals, multiply their earnings and portfolios, and live their dreams, enjoying every step of the way.

Chris lives in Los Angeles with his fiancee and his four beloved Bulldogs.


Join me as I tell the stories from my best-selling book.

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