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Client Success Stories...

Net/Gross increase of 38% ELR increased by $18 CSI increased from 63 to 74
Damon Egan Sherwood Ford
Net/Gross increase of 55% ELR increased by $26 CSI increased from 93 to 94
David Cissi Mercedes Benz of St. Louis
Net/Gross increase of 20% ELR increased by $29 CSI increased from 87 to 98
Don Volk Denny Menholt Chevy, Buick, GMC

What You Get Access To....

1-Hour Strategy Session

Create an A to Z financial plan of action in your FREE 1-hour strategy session with Business Fixer and Automotive Expert Chris “The Bulldog” Collins.

The Last Online Training You'll Ever Need

Our team is constantly updating OnDemand so you can improve your department with up-to-date strategies. It’s no wonder over 95% of people who purchase stay on

Best-Selling Books

Get your copies of Irreplaceable Service Manager and Millionaire Service Advisor for FREE when you take advantage of this offer.

Training For Your Entire Department

Easily plug any member of your team into our library of content, so you can bring your focus back to high level tasks.

"This OnDemand Training system reveals how to increase your monthly net profits by 5 to 6 figures..."

From The Desk Of Chris Collins
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Friend,

If you want to learn how to make an additional five to six figures in net profit each month, then this letter is the most important thing you’ll ever read.

But before we go any further, you should know…

This system isn’t for everybody.

It works great for hundreds of dealerships and independent shops across North America, but by no means is this a one-size-fits-all solution.

There are zero guarantees in life.

It also isn’t a magic pill or quick fix…

Learning this system takes time and effort, and results won’t come overnight…

With all that being said…

Even if you’re experiencing reduced traffic or lower-than-average sales as a result of COVID-19, this system can help you!

So let me show you…


Exactly what you’ll be getting:

I guarantee this system is unlike anything you’ve seen before, because unlike other systems developed by consultants with zero experience running a business, this system has been developed through years of field testing by a team of highly-experienced operatives with decades of experience working in, managing, and owning dealerships and independent shops.

As a result, we have cut out all the fluff and filler, and created a value-packed system that will show you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why.

But don’t let that scare you– it’s also really easy to use.

All of our clients begin to see results within 90 days– Most within the first 30!

And you’ll immediately gain access to the exact system that I used to increase my own dealership’s net profits by over $200 Million within my first two years as General Manager.

And the best part is– It’s scaleable.

It works just as well for a small independent repair shop as it does for a massive 15-store dealer group…

After just five days of using this system, one of my clients, a mid-sized domestic new car dealership, increased their daily CP Labor Sales by $4,736!

Another one of my clients, an 3-brand rooftop new car dealership, used this system to increase their monthly net profits by $90,341 in just 30 days!

Another client, a Canadian import new car dealership, increased their monthly net profit by $81,931 in just 30 days!

One client, a 15-store dealer group, is adding nearly $1 million in net profit to their bottom line every month after one year of working with me…

All this without spending an extra dime in inventory– This is all through Parts and Service!!

That’s because the truth is you don’t need to sell more cars to increase your profits!

Success– and this system– is about more than just selling more cars. (Although we teach you how to do that too!)

Success is about more than just selling more cars…

It’s about trust…

And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn with this system!

Trust is the reason why 72% of our customers don’t service their car at the dealership of purchase– and the reason why the average dealership misses out on nearly $16 Million in service revenue each year.

Those numbers are real, by the way. Google it!

If you want to learn how to make your Fixed Ops work for you, here’s just a fraction of what’s included in our OnDemand training:

How to create a massive following of loyal lifetime
customers– even if retention and CSI have been low for years!

Position your Service Advisors as trusted authorities in the mind of customers– even if they have no technical knowledge!

One thing you should never do to your customers. So many businesses are guilty of this, and it kills sales EVERY time!

A near-psychic approach to nailing sales presentations! It will skyrocket your closing ratios— guaranteed!

Are you delivering a 5-star customer service experience every time? Learn a simple, proven system to eliminate poor CSI scores and skyrocket retention that works every time.

And there are even more battle-tested and proven tools that you can use to start adding more zeroes to your bottom line month after month, and they’re just waiting to be discovered in this system…

And of course, you get both of my books for free. That’s a no-brainer.

But it gets better!

Customer Service Training

Because when you sign up for my OnDemand system, not only do you gain access to over 14 hours of training for the Service Department, you’ll also gain access to my Pet The Dog Customer Service Training!

This simple but effective system took me years of trial and error to develop– but was so effective that my dealer actually had me teaching it to the entire staff!

The greatest advantage you can have in any market is great customer service.

If you don’t connect with your customers on a meaningful level, they can (and will) walk away.

With an hour of extra content, this course teaches your entire team exactly how to connect with customers, close sales with no pressure, and increase your retention.

When you use Pet The Dog in your business, you’ll notice two things happen:

First, your customers will come away from the experience viewing you as a trusted friend and advisor.

This is vitally important because it establishes the basis for a long-term relationship, opening the door for future interactions where they’ll be even more likely to want to do business with you.

The next thing you’ll notice is: You’ll become so good at connecting with customers and earning their trust, you’ll never catch yourself worrying about CSI or retention ever again!

This is because you’re so good at connecting with customers that repeat business is virtually guaranteed! Customers won’t just keep coming back– they wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else!

And that’s not all!

Understanding Financials in 30 Minutes or Less!

Because I am so invested in your success, and would like for you to start seeing results as soon as possible, I’ve also included a crash-course that will teach your Service Manager How to Understand Financials in Under 30 Minutes.

Yes, really! We timed it!

Your Fixed Ops aren’t just a necessary evil.

They’re a huge potential profit center– if your Service Manager knows how to run it profitably.

Every department in the dealership is like a business within a business, and trying to run a business without understanding financials is like driving blindfolded!

This is the one thing that makes a huge difference in the overall profitability of the business.

It always blows me away how few Service Managers understand profitability, or even know how to read a financial statement.

Speaking of Strategy Sessions, there’s one more bonus included that is probably the most insane value of this whole deal!


BONUS #3 - One-on-one Strategy Session

I’d like to connect with you on a one-on-one strategy session to develop a custom-built financial roadmap specifically for your business.

For reference– my current fee for a one-hour engagement is $15,000. 

But when you sign up for Service Drive Revolution OnDemand, you’ll gain direct access to me for an entire hour for a fraction of that cost.

This alone is worth the price of admission.

Trust me… I’m very good at helping people make more money.

So here’s what to do next.

If you want OnDemand, simply click the button below, and you’ll be taken to an order form! As soon as you submit your order, we’ll email you a receipt, along with your login credentials for instant access.

It’s really that easy!

And in case you’re wondering– Yes, you’ll get your books for free.

And no….

There’s no catch.

Unlike other companies who will charge you an additional fee for each individual member of your team that you want to train, or lock additional training behind a paywall, with my system you just pay one flat monthly subscription fee for access to our entire system, and you can sign up as many members of your team as you want.

That’s right.

Just pay a single monthly subscription fee, and your whole team gets access to everything.

And of course there's a guarantee.

Our client retention is unprecedented and our drop-off rate is virtually zero.

Nearly everybody who has ever joined my OnDemand Training program has stayed on it.

That’s because we put our results first, and the value provided by our training reflects that.

That being said, we have no long-term contracts or hidden cancellation fees. If you aren’t seeing the kind of results that you want from our program, then you can cancel your membership at any time.

I know this value sounds too good to be true, but the honest-to-god truth is that we just want to help make the industry a better place!

I owe everything I have to the automotive industry and all the opportunities it gave to me throughout my career, and this is just my way of paying it forward.

And to be completely honest, I know you’ll love it and am hoping this will be the start of a good business relationship for years to come.

But you should know that time is of the essence.

Here’s why:

I only have so much time on my schedule for all these strategy sessions!

Spots are filling up fast, and we’re usually booked out several weeks in advance… So the sooner you enroll, the sooner we’ll get you on the calendar.

I’m not exactly sure how long I’ll be running this promotion, so get in the system and reserve your spot now before I come to my senses!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter!

I look forward to sending you my books and getting you into my system.

I know that it will help you. 

I can’t wait to hear what you accomplish with all of these tools in your toolbox!

Talk soon,

Chris “The Bulldog” Collins

PS: If you have ADD like me, and skipped to the bottom, here’s the deal–

I’m offering you my two best-selling books, Millionaire Service Advisor and Irreplaceable Service Manager, for free. These book contain all of the tools and tricks that helped me make a ton of money in your service drive, and they’re yours for just the cost of shipping and handling.

In addition to the book, I’m also giving you my OnDemand training, which contains my blueprint for the most effective business model ever deployed in the automotive industry.


It’s the same exact system I used to run the #1 dealership in the world, and add over $200 million of net profit to the business in just two short years.

I’m also giving you an hour of my time to develop a customer-built financial roadmap for your business. My usual hourly fee is $15,000, but this comes included with the cost of membership.

There is no catch. You pay a flat monthly subscription fee for your entire team, and you can sign up as many members of your team as you want.

All this for 60% off the usual subscription fee for your first month– Just $149.95!

Click here to get it:

Scroll Down to See Some Case Studies and a Full List of What's Included.

Who Uses Our System?

Join some of the most successful dealers in North America by signing up for our OnDemand Training, with essential programs to inspire your team to work harder and stronger together, all while your business gains momentum, and increases profits.

“The return with Chris Collins is so huge that the investment becomes miniscule. Where else can you get a 30-to-1 return?

Fred Kirschbaum
Chief Financial Officer, Checkered Flag Automobile Company

“We’ve learned to rebuild internal culture through coaching, gamification, and accountability. We’ve learned how to connect with customers on a higher level. Most importantly, I’ve gained a mentor for life. Thank you, Chris Collins, for all your help.

Shane C. Prough 
General Manager, Ryan Chevrolet

Browse Our Catalog...


This course will teach you proven strategies to build a stronger team, increase customer satisfaction and retention, create pricing strategies that drive profits, and increase your ELR by as much as $15 to $20!

With over 4 hours of training content, Service Manager University gives you all the skills you need to become the hero of your dealership!

  1. Mindset: Starting a Revolution-9 Minutes
  2. An Exercise on Clarity-10 Minutes
  3. Goals 1: How to be a Heat Seeking Missile-4 Minutes
  4. Goals 2: How Do You Know if you’ve Won or Lost-4 Minutes
  1. The Foundation of our Industry-Fixed Absorption-10 Minutes
  2. How to Get Your Service Department Profitable-Effective Labor Rate-9 Minutes
  3. Pricing Strategy Part 1-8 Minutes
  4. Pricing Strategy Part 2-3 Minutes
  5. Labor-2 Minutes
  6. Maintenance Labor Part 1-10 Minutes
  7. Maintenance Labor Part 2-3 Minutes
  8. Competitive Labor-2 Minutes
  1. The Theory of Constraints-9 Minutes
  2. Service Drive Judo: The Architecture-8 Minutes
  3. Quick Lube-6 Minutes
  4. Lateral Support-2 Minutes
  5. Technician And Team Lead Play Plan-7 Minutes
  6. Service Drive Judo Part 1-18 Minutes
  7. Service Drive Judo Part 2-5 Minutes
  1. Gasoline on Fire-6 Minutes
  2. Shift Meetings-11 Minutes
  3. Spiff Tracking-2 Minutes
  4. The Inspection System-6 Minutes
  5. Creating Maintenance Intervals-4 Minutes
  6. Accountability: Service Advisors-6 Minutes
  7. Accountability: Technicians-8 Minutes
  8. Missed Opportunities-6 Minutes
  1. Service Advisor Pay Plan Part 1-10 Minutes
  2. Service Advisor Pay Plan Part 2-7 Minutes
  3. Minimum Requirements-6 Minutes
  1. How to Build a Team of Championship Bulldogs-10 Minutes
  2. The 3 Steps to Upgrading Your Team-5 Minutes
  3. Hire A Killer Support Staff-8 Minutes
  4. Your Secret Weapon: The Group Interview-11 Minutes
  5. Support Staff: In-Person Interview-9 Minutes
  6. Top Dog Advisors-2 Minutes
  7. Top Dog Advisors: The Ad & The Interview-6 Minutes
  8. Service Advisors: The In-Person Interview-10 Minutes
  9. Technicians-2 Minutes
  10. How to Attract & Hire Top Producing Technicians-6 Minutes
  11. Technicians: The Ad & Phone Interview-2 Minutes
  12. Technicians: The In-Person Interview-10 Minute


The most effective Service Advisor training ever created. Using our proven "Circle of Trust" system, Master Class Service Advisor teaches Service Advisors to connect with customers on a deeper level, and help them see that you care about their needs.

With nearly 3 hours of content, Master Class Service Advisor will transform your Service Advisors into highly-skilled customer collectors, who deliver the very best customer service experience every time.

  1. Introduction-2 Minutes
  2. Circle of Life-2 Minutes
  3. Let’s Be Friends-4 Minutes
  4. Keeping Customers In Dependable Cars-2 Minutes
  5. Gross Profit-3 Minutes
  6. Effective Labor Rate-3 Minutes
  7. HPRO-4 Minutes
  8. Three Types Of Customer Pay Labor Overview-3 Minutes
  9. Maintenance Labor-7 Minutes
  10. Repair Labor-2 Minutes
  11. Competitive Labor-4 Minute
  1. Introduction-1 Minute
  2. Attitude and Smile-7 Minutes
  3. Dress to Impress-5 Minutes
  4. Keys to Success-4 Minutes
  5. The Sixth Sense-12 Minutes
  1. Overview-5 Minutes
  2. Instantly Connect-7 Minutes
  3. Check History and Advise-2 Minutes
  4. Inspection Sheet Report Card-3 Minutes
  5. Two Hour Call-2 Minutes
  6. Commitment to CSE/CSI-6 Minutes
  7. Sales Call Table Of Contents-7 Minutes
  8. The Dos and Don’ts-2 Minutes
  9. Decline Lines-2 Minutes
  10. Under-Promise/Over-Deliver-5 Minutes
  11. Quality Control-2 Minutes
  12. Walk of Shame-3 Minutes
  13. Be There Next Time-4 Minutes
  1. Pet the Dog Intro-2 Minutes
  2. Pet the Dog-14 Minutes
  3. Pattern Interrupt-9 Minutes
  4. Pet the Dog Walk-Around-9 Minutes
  1. Selling Maintenance Intro-2 Minutes
  2. Brake Fluid Service-2 Minutes
  3. Power Steering Service-2 Minutes
  4. Fuel Service-5 Minutes
  5. Coolant Service-4 Minutes
  6. Re-Hose Service-3 Minutes
  7. Alignments-4 Minutes
  8. Nitrogen Service-3 Minute
  1. Introduction-2 Minutes
  2. Pre-Game and Mindset-2 Minutes
  3. Pressure and Tension-6 Minutes
  4. Purgatory-6 Minutes
  5. Prevent-8 Minute
  1. Selling Tires Introduction-8 Minutes
  2. Key One-4 Minutes
  3. Key Two-3 Minutes
  4. Key Three-2 Minutes
  5. Key Four-3 Minutes
  6. Key Five-5 Minutes
  7. 5 Key Quick Tips-2 Minute
  1. Time Management Intro-2 Minutes
  2. The Piggy Bank-4 Minutes


The greatest advantage you can have in any market is great customer service, and that's what you'll learn with Pet the Dog Customer Service.

If you don’t connect with your customers on a meaningful level, they can (and will) walk away. With nearly an hour of content, Pet the Dog Customer Service teaches Service Advisors how to connect with customers, increasing sales and retention.

  1. Pet the Dog Cartoon-7 Minutes
  2. Pet the Dog Introduction-3 Minutes
  3. “P” for Presentation-10 Minutes
  4. “E” for Engage-13 Minutes
  5. “T” for Trust-9 Minutes
  6. Summary-3 Minutes
  7. Bonus-6 Minute


Many studies have proven that higher morale results in more sales, higher customer satisfaction, increased referrals, lower turnover, fewer discipline issues, and much, much more…

With over 2 hours of games included in Gamification, your team will be happier and more energized to sell and maximize profits!

  1. Gamification: The Secret Sauce-7 Minutes
  2. Football-6 Minutes
  3. For Get It-4 Minutes
  4. Jenga Greed-6 Minutes
  5. Hangman-4 Minutes
  6. Humpty Dumpty-4 Minutes
  7. Fixed Ops Pong-3 Minutes
  8. Jenga Towers-6 Minutes
  9. Fixed Ops Card Games-9 Minutes
  10. Fixed Ops Uno-5 Minutes
  11. Nerf Bullseye-4 Minutes
  12. Nerf Jenga-5 Minutes
  13. Poker-9 Minutes
  14. Rat Race-5 Minutes
  15. Tetris Link-5 Minutes
  16. Root Beer-4 Minutes
  17. Sales Olympics-4 Minutes
  18. Snakes on a Board-4 Minutes
  19. Tic Tac Pong-3 Minutes
  20. Baseball-3 Minutes
  21. Blackjack-6 Minutes
  22. Card Ninja-3 Minutes
  23. Cut Throat-7 Minutes
  24. Fill or Bust-6 Minutes


It is estimated we are losing two Technicians for every new one coming into our industry... With over 4 hours of content, Technician Tree is our system for recruiting and training a balanced mix of Technicians for your Service Drive, helping you reach the level of production you need in order to hit the big sales number you deserve.

Technician Tree has been tested and proven to hire hundreds of Technicians for our private Coaching clients. It worked for them, and it will work for you!

  1. Mindset Introduction-1 Minute
  2. You Are What You Eat-6 Minutes
  3. Sometimes When You Lose You Win-4 Minutes
  4. The Value Of A Technician-8 Minutes
  5. Attention To Detail-10 Minutes
  6. It’s About Them Not You-3 Minutes
  7. The Rule Of 5-10 Minutes
  8. The Plan-5 Minutes
  1. Outreach Introduction-1 Minute
  2. Avatar-10 Minutes
  3. Steps To Building A Great Ad-2 Minutes
  4. When And Where-17 Minutes
  5. Choose the Right Bait-18 Minutes
  6. The What And The Why-21 Minutes
  7. A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words-11 Minutes
  8. SEO and Keywords-7 Minutes
  9. Wash, Rinse and Repeat-10 Minutes
  10. Local vs Import-2 Minutes
  11. The 6.5 Tips to Lock Them Down-3 Minute
  1. Retain Introduction-1 Minute
  2. Grow Your Own-2 Minutes
  3. Ascension Plan-7 Minutes
  4. The Godfather-6 Minutes
  5. The Price Is Right-4 Minutes
  6. Momentum-8 Minutes
  7. Automatic Upgrade-3 Minutes
  8. Comeback Psychology-3 Minutes
  9. More Than Just An Hour-4 Minute
  1. Engage Introduction-3 Minutes
  2. Basketball-8 Minutes
  3. Bozo Buckets-4 Minutes
  4. Dice Roll’s-7 Minutes
  5. Dollar Bill Poker-4 Minutes
  6. Poker-5 Minutes
  7. Raffle Tickets-5 Minute
  1. Introduction-7 Minutes
  2. Set Up Service Advisor for Success-7 Minutes
  3. Work Life Balanced and Flow-5 Minutes
  4. Six Tips for Turning More Hours-5 Minutes
  5. Five Strategies for Filling the Pipe Line-6 Minutes
  6. Tech Inspection GROUND-4 Minutes
  7. Tech Inspection MID LEVEL-3 Minutes
  8. Tech Inspection CAR IN AIR-5 Minute


Spend an hour with Chris Collins. Build a custom financial plan for your business, map out the first steps of your journey, and set goals for yourself and your team. Hiring Chris Collins for one hour would cost you $15,000! But right now, for just a fraction of the cost, you'll gain access to a one-on-one strategy session with Chris Collins.​

Total Value




Then $249.95/mo.

Why Chris Collins?

Chris Collins is the world’s foremost Fixed Ops expert and business fixer; revolutionizing businesses, and bringing fun and massive profits to industry leaders across the U.S. and Canada. He is the author of two best-selling books, and has been featured on The Howard Stern Show, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, and in The New York Post. From dressing in hand-me-downs and living on donated food in Tijuana, Mexico, to washing cars in a Seattle dealership, he worked his way through the the automotive industry– a hyper-competitive business– to become the General Manager of the #1 BMW dealership in the world. His methods may be unorthodox, but normal never created change. He and his training programs help success-minded individuals from all walks of life crush their goals, multiply their earnings and portfolios, and live their dreams, enjoying every step of the way. Chris lives in Los Angeles with his fiancee and his four beloved Bulldogs.


Join me as I tell the stories from my best-selling book.

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