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How To Make Your Dealership Recession-Proof

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Who Am I and Why Should You Use This Information To Protect Your Dealership?
I got my start in the automotive industry working in the wash pit at a dealership, and eventually worked my way up to becoming the general manager for the #1 BMW dealership in the United States. Very early in my career I saw the problems and inefficiencies that plagued almost every dealership. So I created a solution. My way of doing things made dealerships dramatically more profitable, so to help more Dealers and General Managers, I became a consultant and founded my own business, Chris Collins Inc.
Over the years i've helped thousands of Dealers and General Managers raise the value of their dealerships by millions of dollars.
Today our industry faces incredible challenges. New car sales are plummeting, EV's are threatening our model, and the economy is on a downtrend. Despite this, my team is still creating life changing results with hundreds of clients all over North America, helping them adapt to better processes and systems that skyrocket their revenue. My approach is to shake things up because the conventional way of doing things often doesn’t work. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you’re willing to take a risk, I promise you won’t regret it.
Chris Collins
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Meet Other Folks Who’ve Used This Same System To Bring New Revenue (And Profit) Into Their Dealerships.
Increased Net/Gross From 18.6% to 44.36%

"Upon discovering The Chris Collins culture, we have embraced the new knowledge and procedures with ease. Incorporating the pert the dog culture has allowed us to expand the satisfaction of both our employees and customers."

- Amanda Hayslett

"30-to-1 Return On Investment"

"The return with Chris Collins has been huge. Where else can you get a 30-to-1 investment? We started to see results after about 90 days and then it really kicked in at about the 9 months mark. Suddenly, it's like we took a step up and got much better. "

- Fred Kirschbaum

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