The Business of Sleep

Entrepreneurs are notorious for working countless hours to achieve their business goals. When fully grinding, 18 or even 20 hour days are becoming more commonplace. While devoting these extra hours towards your venture, another aspect of your life suffers directly. It’s sleep. And it’s more important than you think.

Today, we look at the science behind it, and for those who refuse to decrease their business hustle, we give you the essential tips to help keep your mind fresh and your body healthy during these long days.

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Trump/NFL: If Politics Was A Business

In today’s episode of Chris Collins Unleashed, we weigh in on the current political climate with the recent seemingly league-wide NFL player protest. We take a look at how perspective influences decision-making, highlighting the importance of understanding the full story before trying to fix things. As a leader, you need to take a 10,000ft view of your business to have a proper understanding of biased decision-making within an organization.

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How To Double Sales In a Hair Salon

In this episode, we take a look at the hair styling and beauty industry, focusing on how salons can dramatically increase profits. 8 out of every 10 hair salon businesses will fail. These are primarily family-owned, mom & pop businesses shutting down, so we want to give them the upper hand, and the ability to turn things around. A few simple changes can boost the margins, improve customer retention and allow the stylists to work more efficiently.

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The Business of Tattoos with Freddy Negrete – Part 2

In part two of Unleashed with Freddy Negrete, we learn about his rise in the ranks, tattooing Hollywood stars and opening a shop of his own in Santa Barbara. Freddy touches on the mistakes he made with his own shop, that even lead to a lawsuit. Diving into business, Freddy explains his own strategy for working with clients and we share some advice about pricing. From opinions on numbing cream to the psychology of pain, and even a crazy tattoo contest, the stories continue in part two of this fascinating interview.

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The Business of Tattoos with Freddy Negrete – Part 1

In part one of this special two-part series, we sit down with legendary tattoo artist, Freddy Negrete, to talk about the business of ink. From Freddy’s time in jail, where he learned the art of black and gray tattooing, to his apprenticeship with Ed Hardy, to smoking lovelies (a potent mix of pot and PCP), no stone goes unturned in this raw interview with one of the greatest tattoo legends of all time. Freddy shares the life-changing tips he received from mentors like Ed Hardy and Mark Mahoney, transitioning from a Chicano gangster into one of the most respected tattoo artists in the world.

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The Dangers of Scaling Too Fast

Rapid growth of your business is good, right?

In this week’s show, we discuss the problems that business’ can run into when scaling too fast. Various issues include hiring systems and cash flow issues. If you have a business and you want to scale and grow, you need to approach and execute in the right way. Use our advice and avoid running into any costly mistakes along the way.

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Do Politics and Business Mix?

From Uber to Apple, Hobby Lobby to Chick-Fil-A, we’re seeing major corporations and leading business figures sticking to their political stances in this turbulent governmental era. In some cases, political and religious beliefs have changed the course of an organization’s day-to-day operations, and in other cases, influential business figures have engaged governmental operations, to (at times) much displeasure of their very own customers.

Also in this episode, we also seek to answer the question of whether our currently-polarized American political system is failing the common small business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, and hardworking Americans.

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The Mental Game of Success

On today’s show, we discuss the mental game of success. In the world of high performance, mindset is everything. As an entrepreneur, you must have control over your mind, even when the stakes are incredibly high. We have been longtime advocates of meditation, visualization techniques, positive affirmations and other decision-making tools. You may be surprised to learn how many of the world’s most successful people do it regularly. But why? What does it even do? You’ll just have to listen to this episode and find out!

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Boom or Bust: Growing Industries & Dying Ones

What can be learned from JCPenney? Can Sears be saved?

In this episode of Chris Collins Unleashed, we examine companies and industries that are flourishing versus companies and industries that are struggling or even facing extinction due to rapid developments in technology and cultural shifts. This episode is perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to understand what is making previously untouchable companies such as JCPenney and Sears, as well as entire industries, collapse. We serve some advice for the leaders of JCPenney and Sears, and explain what changes we would make in order to save their businesses.

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Business, Beards and the McKibbin Brothers

In this special World Beard Day episode of Chris Collins Unleashed, Chris and Gary sit down with the best-bearded duo in sports, Maddison and Riley McKibbin of the AVP professional beach volleyball league. The guys talk competition, business, and of course, beards! And later dive into everything from the high-performance mindset, to transcendental meditation and how they deal with conflict in their brother/brother partnership. Dont miss this episode as the guys discuss the tools they use to create a high performance-driven mindset, and the ways in which theyre working together to meet their goals.

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