What is the Ideal Work / Life Balance?

Should having the perfect work/life balance be your true goal?

In this week’s show, we discuss the vital topic of work/life balance. We look at what this balance actually it, and what it should mean to you if you’re starting a business vs. working for someone else, building equity for another company. In addition, we reveal tips and tools from our own experience in learning what it takes to thrive and have your business goals reach their full potential.

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How To Compete and Win In Today’s Market

In this week’s show, Chris and Gary speak up for the underdog, the companies going against the big, overpowering conglomerates that dominate the mass market industries, and the give you the secret weapon in this David vs Goliath fight.

The number one tool that smaller business’ can use to create an edge in the market is your connection to the customer and creating a trustworthy, loyal bond. Chris talks about one of his favorite bookshops, ‘Powell’s Bookstore,’ in Portland, Oregon and compares what they do to Barnes and Noble + Amazon.

This sparks a similar thought for Gary who recently needed some tools from a hardware store for a home project. With a Home Depot opposite his local hardware store, he discusses what his local hardware store could do to retain a loyal following and customer base in order to stay in business alongside the giants of the hardware industry.

Chris also breaks down the 3 types of employees. Important to understand, this will help you hire the best personalities for customer service.

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The Business Of Membership Clubs & Continuity

Following last week’s show about the membership model in Equinox Health Clubs (and the profit opportunities they are missing), this week we discuss similar businesses, and how to effectively incorporate continuity in this system. Gary discusses joining a whiskey club, while Chris talks about Amazon and how other companies are realizing the potential of ongoing sales, reaching the conclusion that companies just need to do it!

We also challenge Garys unwillingness to buy a helmet, and make a call to a special someone to help persuade him to get one after all of his accidents. This week’s show gives you tips and tools on improving your business with plenty of banter in-between!

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How To Double Sales At An Equinox Gym

Doubling sales without new customers?

On this today’s show, we discuss a few some simple tools and processes that can double sales for a business in the gym industry. We use the gym we go to every day – Equinox in Los Angeles, as our case study example. Without increasing foot traffic or growing a bigger customer following, we break down some simple steps and ideas that would completely transform the sales of an Equinox (or any gym for that matter) using the customer base that already exists. Challenge yourself to take these tools and tips, and think how it could be applied to other businesses in different industries.

In addition, the show includes some special features on ‘Amazing Moments In Business’ with comedian Daniel Z Barber and ‘Millennial Work Problems’ with Andy Pifko and Molly Schreiber.

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A Boss vs. A Leader

What makes you a boss? What makes you a leader?

On this week’s show, Chris Collins and Gary Daniel look at the differences between a boss and a leader. What makes a boss? What makes a leader? Which one are you, and what traits do each require? Chris and Gary answer these questions and more by comparing the different approaches that a boss and leader would take in business situations. This week’s episode also features two special segments written and produced for Unleashed by Molly Schreiber.

The first shares the story of comedian Richelle Meiss and the time she got fired. In the second, Molly Schreiber takes a look at how Napster changed the music industry in Amazing Business Moments.

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Business With Family Or Friends

Continuing with the brand new business podcast, Chris Collins Unleashed, Chris and Gary look into whether or not it’s good to go into business with family or friends.

Gary discusses running a business with his wife, which almost ended in divorce. Chris has a lighter approach to the subject and suggests that if you have a cash heavy business, like a cartel or mafia, then family is the way to go! Gary believes that running business’ with family or friends blurs the home/work balance and the issue of hierarchy that runs within it. Feeling like it causes too much tension and can affect your marriage, Gary is not the advocate of such a business model. Chris feels like it’s possible and gives Gary certain situations in which family can be a huge asset. The experts share stories from running a business themselves and fixing businesses that dealt with family and friends.

Listen to this week’s fun, but insightful episode of Chris Collins Unleashed, and you will receive the tools and guidance that can help you when thinking about starting a new business or improving the business you run today.

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A Great Idea? Or A Great Business…

What are the key differences between a great idea and great business?

Welcome to the first episode and the launch of the brand new podcast, Chris Collins Unleashed! Today, we’re looking at a predicament many entrepreneurs face early in their venture…Is my great idea going to make a great business?

Chris and Gary breakdown the important questions to ask yourself, and also share their thoughts on key skills to develop in these early phases.

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