#34 – How To Motivate Your Technicians

The best tips and tools on how to motivate your technicians.

They get straight into the NFL banter by helping Jair, a committed supporter of Joe Montana, realize that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time following the crazy Super Bowl comeback. This leads onto to an interesting discussion about what makes someone the greatest, how is that measured and what is that based on. What motivates the best? What keeps them at the top? And more importantly, how can you use these tools with your technicians.

They use this debate as a way to relate it back to the service drive and technicians in order to understand a fundamental component of business – RESULTS. Looking at how essential results are Gary states “It is the only final measurement, it is. It really doesn’t matter what you intend to get done or what you want to have happened…it’s what happens that matters”. Jair then furthers this point by looking at leadership and how a key component to reaching those results is knowing how to be an effective leader. He then uses the Brady analogy to highlight how Brady utilizes the talent in his team and exposes their talent in order to be effective.

We highly recommend this podcast if you want to understand LEADERSHIP, TRACKING PRODUCTION and THE CULTURE OF PERFORMANCE. These skills are essential and can be utilized to get the best out of your team, and thus the best results in your market – the same results that success is measured by. You will come away with this podcast with clarity. You will understand and have a clear vision on how your techs are performing and why they are performing they way they are, and then finally what to do with them. THIS IS MUST-LISTEN EPISODE!

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#33 – Advanced Sales

This episode is not only hilarious, but has some of the most amazing SALES TRAINING TIPS you’ll hear this year.

STRAIGHT OUT OF THE GATE the Service Drive Gurus Chris Collins, G-MAN and a now regular Jair Martinez, open with Jair’s offer to wed his close friends, which turns into some comedy later on in the show. But first the guys wind down by noticing the coinciding trips to Las Vegas this weekend; Jair heading to a bachelor party and Chris and Gary heading for work – maybe they’ll meet up!

This quickly turns to some great gambling stories. First Gary recalls a time he was playing craps and he has was playing alongside Chris and made a mistake that threw off Chris’s Flow – a big no no! Jair follows this up talking about his trip to Lake Tahoe the past weekend and how a close friend of his was rolling the dice, killing the table with people cheering and winning, and how his wife came over and said “I want to leave”- listen to see what follows. This leads onto a couple greater and completely hilarious Vegas gambling stories.

This swiftly moves onto the main topic of the week – ADVANCED SALES. This truly integral topic is addressed through the amazing book – Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It by Christopher Voss and Tahl Raz. Gary looks at how the author Chris Voss wants to become a FBI negotiator, literally negotiating like lives depend on it. Gary discusses the path he took which involved a year working on a suicide hotline and how he got into such an intriguing role, dealing with and negotiating with hostage takers and kidnappers. Gary breaks the book down giving you KEY TOOLS and direct tips that you can implement in order to have advanced sales techniques. One of these tips is how you speak to people with a certain tone, and then mirror back to them what they are saying – this segment in the show is truly fascinating as the hosts start using it against each other live without them even noticing.

This episode is not only hilarious and maybe the funniest SERVICE DRIVE REVOLUTION episode to date, but it is packed with amazing tools, tips and is super RICH CONTENT. You will receive some of the best insight into how you can take sales to a whole new level while highlighting the things you’re doing wrong. Learn from an FBI negotiator through Gary’s book review, have a laugh with hysterical gambling stories, and be the best in your Service Drive TODAY by clicking the link below and listening to the show.

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#32 – The First 100 Days of Office

The leaders in Service Drive address the importance of getting your 2017 year started right. They emphasize how the first 100 days are critical to getting on track and setting a high standard for the rest of your year.

Opening this week’s show, the guys tease each other with some familiar topics from Gary’s cholesterol to Jair’s days getting hazed in his Fraternity. Gary’s cholesterol reminds Chris of a Sam Kinison joke about laying dead on a slab…watch the show for the laughs. This then moves onto the $50,000 SERVICE DRIVE MANAGER challenge that Chris hosts each year and awards at the TOP DOG EVENT 2017. They discuss how the event becomes a win-win either way as your progression is financially viable whether you win the $50k or not. The topic swiftly moves onto an interesting business discussion based on Warren Buffett’s practices in philanthropy and general business practice. They discuss a documentary that features and profiles Warren Buffett, and how even with billions of dollars he remains grounded and humble. Chris makes an analogy about keeping stats on baseball in the 1950s and how Warren says that he would just wait for the perfect pitch because it’s not like he’s going to strike out in business waiting for the perfect pitch.

The SERVICE DRIVE gurus then move onto the main topic as Chris asks the question “What’s your first 100 days of 2017 going to be like”? Chris then lists off the things that a new president entering administration has to do within those first 100 days. What must a president do leading up to and within his/her first 100 days? They look at the complexity and the longevity of the list, and how there are so many various huge decisions to make. Chris then draws this back to the service drive by stating “look at what they have to do, we have much easier decisions to make, like adding another phone to the switchboard”. The guys then motivate you to take those decisions, take action and fire you up for your first 100 days of 2017. They discuss how they can help you help yourself, and with the right guidance that Chris offers, this can be your most productive period ever – NOW is the time to take that step…as Gary states “there are still 60 days left, you are not too late!”

The show offers you more of a personal side of our hosts, looking at how they stay in shape and make daily decisions. Although mostly entertaining than content driven, the show still relates and draws back to practices that you can implement in your own life to further your self-progression and success. Click the link below to view the full episode as Chris, Gary and Jair invite you to join them and if you’re ever in need of advice or tips, they are there for you! Feel free to comment or email in, and if you enjoy the show, please subscribe.

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#31 – Understanding Ego and The New Era Of Marketing

In this content rich show, Service Drive Guru’s Chris “THE BULLDOG” Collins and Gary Daniel “THE G-MAN” discuss multiple informative topics that will help you realize the less obvious tools that will take your Service Drive to the next level.

Gary gives one of his most intriguing book reviews to date on the book Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday while Chris reveals the “twists” in the NEW ERA OF MARKETING. But first, as part of the after work fun, Chris brings up a SERVICE DRIVE REVOLUTION hit feature…Gary’s Cholesterol – “even whole foods are asking about you! ”The guys joke how they give so much great content away on the podcasts that other’s would probably charge for, but still the one thing that people bring up to them the most is…you guessed it – Gary’s Cholesterol. HOWEVER, there is a reason why people ask this the most, which the guys realize when they discuss marketing, more of this later in the show. Chris then resolves this by simply stating “It sucks getting old”. This follows with a brief TRUMP discussion and then the guys move onto the main topics.

First, Gary gives insight into Ryan Holiday’s book Ego Is The Enemy. Gary, as a fan of Holiday’s, discusses how the writer dissects the Ego, and how the ego implements its way into day to day life. He looks at how“ ego can potentially be stopping you from progressing but in a very subtle way”. Gary relates this to the Service Drive and looks at how you progress in your own paths, from shop foreman to service advisor to the assistant service manager for example, and how your ego can overstimulate confidence in a way that can hinder the effectiveness of those transitions. Gary breaks this concept down and gives you great TIPS on how you can manage your own progression and successes in your career not just focusing on “the highlight reel” but also the “failure reel”…“It’s interesting because if you’re aware of it…then you can get in front of it!”

Chris moves the conversation onto Marketing and how the industry’s marketing strategies are too “copy-cat and boring”. Chris looks at how mainstream shows use their drama to pull attention, how excitement and stories help attract wider audiences. Chris then takes you BEHIND THE CURTAIN at Chris Collins Inc and reveals what pulls best with his own email marketing strategies. Furthermore, he breaks down and gives you direct steps in how you can really capture the attention of your target audience. Click the link below to watch the full episode.

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#30 – The Carlisle Technician Survey: PART 2

In the JAM PACKED second installment of this two-part show, Service Drive Gurus Chris Collins, Gary Daniel and Jair Martinez continue their guidance through the Carlisle Technician Survey.

Chris has the perfect prognosis and remedy solution for the issues coming out the Carlisle Technician Survey. Discussing ways in which advisors and techs can bond and create better lines of communication leads onto some of the craziest stories heard on the show so far, THE “TRUST FALL” stories. Jair goes first and unravels a story of brotherhood trust, so strong that he lets a group of guys wake him up in the middle of the night, blindfold him, hang him over the edge of a 3 story building and…let him go. Gary leads on with his own story, which is less serious and more comical; a story of self-struggle, military style recreation, all within the context of a team building exercise. BOTH, however, lead to the same point – how can we break barriers, open trust and create bonds between people that will run much deeper.

After these highly entertaining but also insightful stories, Gary cracks back down to content and statistics. His findings bring to light a worrying set of stats and prospects painting a fairly bleak picture, to which Chris responds “WE GOTTA FIX IT!”. To wrap up the show Jair asks Chris some great questions on the process of writing a book like The Irreplaceable Service Manager. How do you go about putting a book like that together? Why can only someone who has experience in the service drive can write a book like that and not a ghost writer? Chris gives some great tips from behind the scenes of writing his bestselling books.

Join the Chris Collins Family in this show to wrap up the highly intriguing two-part episode “Carlisle Technician Survey”. Gary has taken out the hard work and pain by going through the entire study, dissecting and then highlighting the important tools and new stuff that you can take away and implement in your SERVICE DRIVE TODAY.

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#29 – The Carlisle Technician Survey: PART I

In the first of this two part episode, the gurus of the Service Drive Chris Collins and Gary Daniel join Chris Collins Inc Coach and Mentor Jair Martinez in a series of discussions. These range from Gary’s bad eye sight, Underoos, Jair’s terrible car service, wine grown on the cliffs of Italy and multiple karaoke versions of various classic rock hits intertwined throughout – as Gary laughs “We’re musical tonight!”

Moving to our main topic of the week, Gary puts on his “readers”ashe breaks through the statistics and the compelling charts mapped out in a very revealing study and survey- The Carlisle Technician Survey. The study outlines the barriers between TECHNICIANS and ADVISORS and more important it looks at the reasons as to why customers switch between dealerships and independents – WHAT IS PUSHING YOUR CUSTOMERS AWAY? WHO HAD A SLIGHT EDGE IN THE EYES OF THE CONSUMER AND WHY? Surprising and Shocking revelations follow! Gary breaks down these statics in the survey in an easy palatable way so that you can come away with straightforward answers to some of the big concerns in our industry.

This if the first part so SUBSCRIBE and listen to next week’s show as Gary delves deeper into the study and reveals some simple tools that you can implement in your SERVICE DRIVE today! It will help retain customers, create a fun, enjoyable and collective work environment between components of the service drive and finally give amazing insight to how the customers, tech and advisors think!

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#28 – Drive Sales And Retention With Events

The huge potential of throwing events and include tips and tools from their own past on how to execute them effectively. But before you get into the main course, the SERVICE DRIVE guru’s kick around ideas for the key speakers at the 2017 TOP DOG EVENT…It will be difficult to top last year with the likes of Jocko Willink, but this year they are talking other possibilities – Hulk Hogan, Gene Simmons, Tony Dungy. Let the guys know in the comment section below if you have any ideas!

Moving onto the focus topic, Chris begins by stating “First we’ll give perspective on events” using his own experiences coming through the SERVICE DRIVE, “and then we’ll tell you how to do it!”. Chris tells a story of an event his Subaru/Audi/Volkswagen dealership ran in the early 90’s, and how he was able to sell nine $1200 head gaskets in one day – a common issue with the Subaru’s that just weren’t getting fixed. His game changing epiphany that set the way for prolonging profit and growth was simple – “when they see it…they buy it!”. The story jumps ahead a decade to where Chris is running a Jeep/Dodge/Chrysler Dealership when he discovers an industry shifting game changer, a solution to a problem that Chris highlights – “the events run good but…how do we get a lot of people there?!”- Listen to the Full Episode to hear this golden piece of advice that will flood your events with traffic, the advice that Gary tells Chris “YOU HAVE THE KEY!”

Not only do they go through the essentials for a record breaking events, they breakdown the potential problems and issues you could run into implementing their tools, and of course a way to overcome them! This episode is a MUST LISTEN for those who want to master events, master service clinics and get immediate tools and ideas on how reach your potential in running amazing events. Chris and Gary share their invaluable first hand knowledge so you can be better and succeed in this industry.

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#27 – The Dirty Little Secret: The Future Of The Industry

A tell-all episode with some obligatory NFL talk with Service Advisor Trainer and Service Manager Coach Jair Martinez…a 49er’s fan. This kind of football talk has relevance though as the guys discuss how football has created systems and culture, two huge components in the success of any business. How important is it that Tom Brady and the best coaches in the sport implement a great SYSTEM that converts? Furthermore, how important is it that other players and coaches, including rivals and competitors in the industry strive to learn from the greats? CULTURE AND SYSTEMS! – All is revealed and discussed in this week’s podcast.

Once the football talk is over, the main topic of the week – ‘The Future Of The Industry’ starting with the brand new Cadillac subscription program. As most other industries have clearly seen and outlined their progression, the guys highlight the realization we are living through the greatest technological and systemic advancement the car industry may have ever seen. As Chris states “General Motors… FORD…they don’t get it!”…“they need to listen to this!” – Chris follows this with his boldest, most concise, most epitomizing and arguably…his most important statement to date.

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#26 – The State Of The Industry

Chris Collins and Gary Daniel, provide insight and intrigue as to the current state of the Automotive Industry and where it’s heading. Not only do they provide the insight, they discuss ways to stay ahead of an ever changing and malleable industry. BUT FIRST, the service drive guru’s talk about their trip to New York and getting tickets to the exclusive Hamilton theatre production. Chris points out how the play is pushing the boundaries of how theatrical art can be made, ashe states “There are no rules!” They also are in for a surprise as they have seats right in front of a world famous musician and actress – to find out who, listen to the full episode below.

The duo then start to get into the real meat of the automotive industry and it’s future, dissecting various components of the industry, and seeing how some are failing to stay ahead and lead others. Chris points out that “the car sale is the lost leader”and not the service department. Gary furthers this by addressing the worst period he’s seen in the industry, in 2009 when car sales in his dealership went from 200 to 40 and in some cases 200 to 3, by highlighting how the SERVICE DEPARTMENT was making record numbers and more or less keeping the shop afloat! Furthering the debate of how Service could be the future of the car industry, Chris addresses the progression in autonomous vehicles, companies like Zipcar, and how UBER are more worried about who will service their fleet over the liability and risk issues.

In this episode, you are welcome to join Chris and Gary in the front row seats. You are invited to become a leader and start taking the steps to get ahead of the rapid transformation the car industry is undertaking. Listening to this show, getting involved and by being part of the Chris Collins family, is the first step into becoming the Netflix not the Blockbuster, the Instagram not the Polaroid or the iPhone and not the Nokia. Time to get ahead folks!

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#25 – How to Improve Focus and Time Management In Your Service Department

Straight out of the gate, Leading Service Manager Trainers Chris Collins and Gary Daniel open up a nice bottle of oak barrel whiskey, a monthly whiskey subscription from Chris to Gary that is“the gift that keeps giving”. Then the gurus of the Service Drive get down to business and start discussing the new Time Management tools, closely inspired by Gary’ s new read Deep Work by Cal Newport. But just as they are about to delve into the content, Gary walks into a landmine and reminds Chris of a story that Gary’ s wife let loose in the office – for that you’ ll have to listen to the full episode!

“Content! Content! Content!” Gary states as the duo refocus. Talking of focus, Gary becomes host as he takes the audience deeper into Cal Newport’ s book Deep Focus. The book addresses various case-studies on major CEO’ s, such as Bill Gates, and their approaches to a deeper level of focus in the business industry. How does social media, email, working from home effect your focus levels? Chris brings up a study that revealed the endorphin release onthe swiping motion on smart phones while Gary addresses the concepts of ‘task switching’ and ‘think weeks.’

This episode is essential for Service Drive Managers looking for the invaluable tools and advice that Gary and Chris Provide. You will come away with a laugh and smile, but more importantly you’ ll walk away with priceless tools that will help you implement improved focus, productivity and time management in the Dealership.

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