Eliminate Everything That Keeps You Weak

Chris and Mike talk about how important is to have toxicity as far as you can from your life in order to be successful! And it’s so true, even a long term girlfriend or boyfriend will have such an impact in your future!

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Divide Your Audience And Conquer The Market

A lot of people think they can build a brand, but most of them will screw it up — they’ll start a social media account and give up when it goes nowhere. But for those who stick with it, branding can be extremely powerful. President Trump is an example of how much can be accomplished by using effective branding to divide your audience and win.

On Episode 52 of Business Outlaws, you’ll learn how to control your emotions, identify manipulation, and build your own brand for maximum profit and sustainability.

And this isn’t about politics. “If you can’t step back from it and understand what’s happening, you’re not above the veil,” Chris “Bulldog” Collins says. Look beyond the surface and observe how people like Trump leverage their brand to influence people’s emotions. Then you’ll be able to see how others manipulate you and how you can use those same tools to achieve positive goals.

Before you start building your brand, there’s a simple skill you need to know — and you might be surprised at how many people don’t have this skill. So what are you waiting for? Tune in to find out! When you’re done listening, swing by BusinessOutlaws.com to check out behind-the-scenes footage and other exclusive content from the Outlaws.

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The Last Thing You Should Do Before Bed

Train your subconscious with this simple life hack.

Big Mike & Chris give you the secret weapon to mental clarity in this week’s Business Edible.

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How Is Social Media Killing The Music Industry? Ft. Che Pope

Kanye. Dr. Dre. Lauryn Hill.

Since he first began his music-producing career in the mid-’90s, Grammy award-winning Che Pope has worked with some of the world’s most influential R&B and hip hop artists. And in that time, he’s built and launched the careers of countless recording artists.

“Talent is one thing,” he admits, “[but] I think that there are some people that are … less talented, but they work so hard at what they do that they’ve had that success because they’re such hard workers.”

This week on Episode 51 of Business Outlaws, BigMike and Chris “Bulldog” Collins grill Pope on what it takes to make it in the music business. Pope tells them about how the music industry used to be — and how young artists can take advantage of today’s technology to grow their audience.

“I believe technology has gotten us to a point where artists can participate in the profits,” Pope shares. In the past, record labels held all the power — but that’s now changing. Fast. The barriers of entry are easier, “because of social media,” Pope asserts. “What that means is that there’s a lot of disposable music out there. A lot of trash.”

On this week’s ep, the Outlaws talk about the pitfalls of social media, online album releases — and how talented artists get suckered into giving up their profits. When you’re done listening to Episode 51, make sure you catch behind-the-scenes and exclusive content by heading over to BusinessOutlaws.com.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for the Sale

Strong business relationships are the foundation of successful selling.

In the latest Business Edible, Big Mike & Chris give you pointers on maximizing opportunity.

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How To Stop The Hate — Secrets From Spiritualist Daniel Bruce Levin (Pt. 2)

You might be too scared to embrace this one secret to finding inner peace. You may think you “got everything figured out,” says BigMike. “But guess what? You don’t. You absolutely don’t and you need to take a hard look at yourself. Start your journey. Don’t fight it — embrace it.”

There are smart, creative, decent people all over the world who are constantly thwarted by the self-doubt filling their heads, undermining them at every turn. We doubt our choices and our actions, we doubt our own self-worth, and we doubt the possibility of a better reality. Our planet is filled with people in pain, and it’s time to dig deep and face the undeniable truth: We’re all in this together.

In Part 2 of the Business Outlaws ep featuring spiritualist Daniel Bruce Levin, co-hosts BigMike and Chris “Bulldog” Collins teach you how to take the power away from those destructive feelings of self-doubt and deprogram yourself so you can finally resist the stranglehold your inner demons have on your confidence.

It’s easier to run away from yourself, but once you start your journey of self-discovery with the wisdom shared in this episode, “it is literally like having a superpower,” according to BigMike. Everyone has bad experiences and insecurities, but overcoming those experiences and letting go of emotional pain will bring you closer to understanding yourself.

Learn to overcome your demons in this intense and personal episode of Business Outlaws. If you haven’t listened to Part 1 featuring Daniel Bruce Levin, stop whatever you’re doing right now and go to BusinessOutlaws.com. Catch up on the latest content from the Outlaws to spark the beginning of your new life. Afterward, continue your journey with more episodes and behind-the-scenes content to help you develop the skills necessary to achieve success.

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How You Start is How You Finish

Be the hero of your own story.

In this week’s business edible, Chris and Big Mike help you create a system for active planning.

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Unlock The Secret To Happiness With This One Tool, Feat. Daniel Bruce Levin (Pt. 1)

Do you know who you are and what makes you happy?

Get ready to open your mind for this episode of Business Outlaws. BigMike and Chris “Bulldog” Collins welcome spiritualist Daniel Bruce Levin to help us crack open the secrets to our inner selves.

While others were seeking their fortunes, Daniel was seeking himself. He gave away every cent he had to the poor because he thought it would solve his problems. But then, new problems arose.

So, what did he do?

He went on a spiritual journey, which brought him face to face with a distinguished rabbi. After witnessing the unexplainable acts performed by the religious leader, Daniel began experiencing events that defied reason.

Unable to deny the power of these events, Daniel gave himself up to meditation and focusing on his spirituality.

Too many folks seek validation from external influences. Make no mistake — people can absolutely tell when you are searching for meaning and they will try to take advantage of you. That’s exactly what happened to Daniel, but he understood that he could not find happiness without first finding himself.

The Outlaws drop a lot of wisdom in this episode. “You have to be able to self-reflect and think about the forces that made you the way you are today,” says BigMike. “And once you get a handle on that, you understand life in a way that is almost magical.”

Wake up to the truth about reality in this riveting episode of Business Outlaws and learn how to better understand your inner self. When you’re done, don’t forget to head on over to BusinessOutlaws.com for more full episodes and exclusive behind-the-scenes content from the Outlaws themselves.

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Brain Food and Self Care

It’s less difficult than you think and making one small change will positively affect other areas of your life.

BigMike and Chris give you a strategy for self-care in this week’s business edible.

Know your worth, Outlaws! Self-care is crucial for our physical, emotional and mental well-being. As our work lives only get busier, incorporating self-care in our day-to-day lives will make us become our most constructive, effective, and authentic selves.

So take a second to choose at least one of the things in this week’s edible as part of a renewed commitment to caring for yourself, and by extension, your loved ones and those around you. You deserve it!

For more life changing tips, follow @businessoutlaws and if you need more brain food to chew on, visit Businessoutlaws.com for exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

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The Secret To Massive Income

Over the last four episodes, we’ve taught you about the mindset you’ll need to guarantee your success, plus how to visualize that success. We’ve taught you how to find your niche, fund your operation, and become the best salesperson for your product. On the final episode of this five-part series, the Business Outlaws unveil the most crucial steps to building your business.

So, what are the two components you absolutely need to have in place before your business can take off? A customer list and a “system of systems.”

Your customer list tells you who your market is and how you can meet their needs with your product. Co-hosts Chris “Bulldog” Collins and BigMike explain why you need one before you can find your niche and start selling.

You also need a system in place to efficiently implement your customer list and capitalize on your connections: A system of systems.

This is perhaps the most important piece of your business puzzle that will ultimately define its success. “Your business is not worth a fraction of what it could be without those systems in place,” says BigMike. Effective systems empower your talent to succeed and make more money for your enterprise.

Chris goes even further, showing how you can make systems fun for employees through gamification — his personal secret to entrepreneurial success.

Tune in to this week’s episode of Business Outlaws to learn why your business needs solid systems to thrive and how to build said systems. After you’re done listening, remember to check out BusinessOutlaws.com to see more episodes and exclusive behind-the-scenes content to help you master of your business.

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