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Get Amazon’s Best Seller Gamification – Playing for Profits. With this book you will create a challenging workplace essential for inspiring your employees to collectively work harder towards your goals. As a result your business will gain momentum, increase profits and improve employee morale immediately. Learn how to use games and motivational tools to increase your sales today!

“Gamification is another great book by Chris Collins. You will enjoy the read and go back to it several times.”

“This book gives you some great ideas to keep your team motivated and focused on what you want them to. The book describes how to use games to increase sales of what you want to not just what your people want to sell. Really can make the work environment fun and competitive. We have broke our sales records using games in this book.”

“Great book, we are a marketing agency and we have been implementing what Chris Collins teaches in our business and we have seen an increase in production and workflow. Great read!”

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