Syndicate Series – Books


$29.95 for each additional book in the series

Most Best-Selling “Business Books” Never Get Read, Because They Are Long, Boring, and Lack Real World Tools, You Can Implement Today & See Results Tomorrow. Besides, What We All Really Want Is Sex, Murder, Crime, Embezzlement, and Action, Mixed In With Some Applicable Steps To Improve Your Business Now.

You’re going to discover everything you need to increase profits in your business while doing away with 90% of the headaches and frustration. I simplify my most advanced methods, making them easy to understand and execute.

Each book in the Syndicate X series goes deep on a topic critical to the future of your business.

Don’t lose the war, going it alone and spending too much time doing the wrong things.

Syndicate X is better than business school and it’s all the education on being an entrepreneur you’ll ever need. The books are numbered, and I only publish 1000 books per printing.

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