Something has been disturbing me recently. I’ve noticed people frequently misusing the word success and as a result this has caused mass confusion. The common misconception is to liken success with money. Of course there are successful people with a lot of money who a living very lavishly but that is besides the point. The Secret to Success is how you perceive yourself and how the world perceives you as a result of your contributions.


Internal, External, and Transcendent. It is crucial you take advantage of all 3 forms of success so that success is palpable.

Internal success is the movie reel in your mind’s eye of your vision of success. This internal compass of success is guided by how you feel about yourself. It’s relative to you and no one else. It’s somewhat idiosyncratic in that respect. For example, people will tell you that I’m successful but I personally feel l haven’t lived up to my full potential yet. It’s what you see when you look in on the window of yourself. External success is how the rest of the world perceives you. Which is very important factor because you’re not going to take advice from someone who’s broke or poor on how to run your business more efficiently. No one wants a fat trainer at the gym. You aren’t going to find a lot of success blatantly being the opposite of what you’re selling.

Now, the internal and external success factors could be in complete conflict of each other. For example: You could appear externally successful but inside you’re miserable. Another common way this conflict manifests itself is when people are pursuing a goal and haven’t quite attained it yet. The solution? Utilize transcendent success.


It’s how your work improves the lives of your neighbors. For example: Say you are a plumber. How much does your plumbing transcend: how many plumbers are you mentoring? How many customers are you touching with your work? There’s always a way to transcend your little world and expand. And when you nail transcendent success, your internal and external success will balance each other out.

Most people are continually looking to the horizon for new opportunities instead of maximizing the opportunities they have right in front of them. The key and real secret to success is to just look down and be grateful for what you have. Put passion into your work to become the best in your field and provide a real value for people. And then watch how many more doors it’ll open for you. Success doesn’t adhere to superstitions or luck. The true Secret to Success is most simply the value you give the world, the people around you, and your career. The more heart and soul you pour into the world, the more success is going to rain down on you.