Does Market Size Even Matter?

One of the most common complaints I hear from General Managers and Dealers is: “There’s no way to be profitable or hire people in my market.” 

Whether your market is too big, small, or poor click below to hear why it doesn’t affect your service department…

In A Market Where Hiring Techs Is Impossible?

Let’s set the record straight-

If you’re struggling to hire technicians, it’s NOT because your market is too small or too big.

It’s NOT because no one wants to work anymore.

And it’s most certainly NOT because it’s impossible to do so.

It’s because your dealership doesn’t have these three things in place:

  1. A great hiring ad with a heat seeking outreach system.
  2. A followup strategy to get them to show up.
  3. Retention tools to get them to call YOUR dealership their home.

How do I know these three things are what you need to fill your service department with techs? 

Because we’ve used this system to hire thousands of technicians for hundreds of dealerships across the country.

One of those dealerships in Virginia used this system to hire 5 techs in just 7 days.

Another dealership based in California just completed their hiring cycle with 12 new techs in 60 days.

One small town dealership in Mississippi even used this system to hire 2 techs within 30 days of learning the system.

And one in Florida just hired 12 techs in 18 days…

The results don’t lie.

Click the button below and schedule a quick 15-minute call with my team to learn more about how we can work with you to hire as many techs as you need.

Your 90 Day Roadmap to Your Best Fixed-Op’s Month Ever

Your 90 Day Roadmap to Your Best Fixed-Op’s Month Ever

Your 90 Day Roadmap to Your Best Fixed-Op’s Month Ever

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