Frustrated Your Service Team Isn't Driving More Revenue?
Here's How to Catch Up Fast

You didn’t become an industry leader by accepting mediocrity. Watching your competitors succeed while you spin your wheels is unacceptable for a leader like you.

Your Service team wants to excel, but chances are they lack the tactics and training to maximize profit opportunities.

You likely feel the pressure as Fixed Ops net profit becomes more vital. But without proper training, Service Managers flounder, and turnover is rampant.

I’m genuinely concerned that many dealerships are going to get caught off guard. With so much uncertainty about the future profitability of Service Centers, your team desperately needs up-to-date skills and robust support.

Without proper preparation, your Fixed Ops team risks falling behind as the industry evolves rapidly.

Does this sound familiar?

Frustrated Service Managers who constantly put out fires instead of driving growth.

Good people who want to succeed but lack the training.

An underperforming department that drags down overall store profitability.

Meanwhile, you sit in 20 group meetings scratching your head.
You see your peers with thriving Service Departments, sitting comfortably on the left side of the page.
But your store spins its wheels despite working just as hard.

It doesn’t seem fair.

I'm Chris Collins and I want to equip your team to succeed in the evolving landscape with the crucial tactics and training they haven't received yet.

For decades I've shown Service Managers how to maximize Fixed Ops profitability through my proven frameworks.

Why are others surging ahead while you struggle to keep up?

After personally helping to transform hundreds of Service Departments, I can tell you this… It comes down to training and execution.

Without urgent action, your store risks:

As a pioneering GM or Dealer Principal, this outcome is unacceptable.

You must equip teams to thrive amid industry transformation.

Give Your Team the Competitive Edge with

The Irreplaceable Service Manager

This exclusive field guide arms your staff with science-based selling skills tailored to the service drive, including:
Here’s Everything That’s Included
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Today’s landscape demands Service teams sell. Yet most lack the tactics and beliefs to meet the moment. I created this playbook to equip your teams before it’s too late.

As a visionary leader, you have the foresight to act. Your proactive preparation will become your team’s competitive edge.


This is your chance to gain a competitive edge. Invest in your frontline team's success, and your Service Department will become an unstoppable profit machine.



Now, before you order the book, let me tell you about the Irreplaceable Service Manager LIVE Lecture Series…

The Irreplaceable Service Manager LIVE Lecture Series

This is where I go chapter-by-chapter with your team through bi-weekly interactive training.

Get their pressing questions answered LIVE by me

Gain insights on today’s biggest service challenges

Learn powerful tactics not included in the book

Network with other top-performing Service Managers

Build Your Custom Training Plan: Book, Live Lectures, or Both

Irreplaceable Service Manager Book

Hardcover Book

Irreplaceable Service Manager LIVE Lecture series

LIVE Lecture Series

*When you join, you get the physical playbook shipped to your door as a FREE bonus
The time is now to invest in the skills your Service team needs to thrive.

With uncertainty around sales and dealership trends, now is the time to invest in your skills as Fixed Ops is quickly becoming the dealership profit-driving center.

Just click the button below to get instant access to the training option that works best for your dealership right now. Imagine how 90 days from today, your Service Department could be performing at a level you never thought possible. Don't wait any longer - enroll now and unlock your Service Department's full potential with skills tailored to today's constantly changing era.

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