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Chris Collins

CEO & Author
Los Angeles, CA

Let's paint a picture:

Your advisors CSI scores are dropping month after month, hiring new advisors isn't an option with the current job market and your budget for training is little to non-existent.

We've seen this situation in service drives all across the country and it's a true shame to see the profit that's left on the table, and the customer relationships lost in the process.

So what do you do? You could spend thousands to train your team and chances are you would see improvement for 30-45 days... but after that it's back to reality!

The problem with training your advisors is not that they can't learn. The problem is accountability.

But no manager has the time to micromanage their team 24/7.

The ONLY way to gain consistent, long-lasting results in your service drive is through consistent, ongoing training.

Enter our OnDemand Service Advisor Training.

We'll give you the ability to train your advisors 24/7/365 to be customer-collecting machines, all you have to do is press GO.

We've collected a battle tested formula to empower your advisors with the ability to deliver consistent, efficient results on a daily basis.

We believe in the power of process. That means installing systems that ensure your advisors treat customers the right way, present the right service every time, and follow up with customers in a clear and concise way.

At the end of the day, customers will love your advisors and want to come back for the same treatment everytime.

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The Program Includes:
A $13,995 Value For Just $249/mo.
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Here’s What Your Advisors Will Learn From The Program:
See What Our clients Have To Say About Our Training

“My ELR changed almost overnight. In less than three short months we were able to increase our revenue by $180,000…”

Kollin Born

Kollin B.


“The return has been huge! We’ve increased our ELR consistently across all of our stores. Our advisors are much better salespeople.. 

Fred Kirschbaum

Fred K.

Chief Financial Officer

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With our virtual advisor training, there are no contracts and you can cancel your monthly payment at any time.

YES! If you purchase our service advisor training and are dissatisfied for any reason, you can receive a full refund.

Our Service Advisor training is unique and not associated with any manufacturer training. We make our training engaging and interesting to watch to keep your team’s attention. Plus, everyone on our training modules speaks from experience. We don’t teach theory. 

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