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Join some of the most successful dealers in North America by signing up for our OnDemand Training, with essential programs to inspire your team to work harder and stronger together, all while your business gains momentum, and increases profits.

“The return with Chris Collins is so huge that the investment becomes miniscule. Where else can you get a 30-to-1 return?

Fred Kirschbaum
Chief Financial Officer, Checkered Flag Automobile Company

“We’ve learned to rebuild internal culture through coaching, gamification, and accountability. We’ve learned how to connect with customers on a higher level. Most importantly, I’ve gained a mentor for life. Thank you, Chris Collins, for all your help.

Shane C. Prough 
General Manager, Ryan Chevrolet

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Why Chris Collins?

Chris Collins is the world’s foremost Fixed Ops expert and business fixer; revolutionizing businesses, and bringing fun and massive profits to industry leaders across the U.S. and Canada.

He is the author of two best-selling books, and has been featured on The Howard Stern Show, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, and in The New York Post.

From dressing in hand-me-downs and living on donated food in Tijuana, Mexico, to washing cars in a Seattle dealership, he worked his way through the the automotive industry– a hyper-competitive business– to become the General Manager of the #1 BMW dealership in the world.

His methods may be unorthodox, but normal never created change. He and his training programs help success-minded individuals from all walks of life crush their goals, multiply their earnings and portfolios, and live their dreams, enjoying every step of the way.

Chris lives in Los Angeles with his fiancee and his four beloved Bulldogs.

Your 90 Day Roadmap to Your Best Fixed-Op’s Month Ever

Your 90 Day Roadmap to Your Best Fixed-Op’s Month Ever

Your 90 Day Roadmap to Your Best Fixed-Op’s Month Ever

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