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Why Your Service Manager Fails at Driving Profit

service manager profitability training

Far too often Dealership Principals ask me – why can’t my Service Manager optimize shop profitability? They handle the day-to-day fine enough, keep customers happy and techs busy. Yet our bottom line never seems to improve. What gives? I’ve been fielding this question for years but there’s a reality you may not want to hear, […]

5 Mistakes That Sink Newbie Service Managers 

new service manager leadership pitfalls

So you just got promoted to Service Manager, congrats!  You’re feeling pumped to make your mark on the shop and take things to the next level… until stuff starts going haywire. Angry calls pile up as Techs shrug off solutions. Falling CSI scores, but expectations stay sky-high. That shiny title now feels more anchor than […]

Winter Mindset Shifts That Grow Service Revenue

winter mindset for service managers

For many, the first frost ignites dread rather than delight. Plummeting temperatures seemingly usher in declining sales and icy greetings from customers. Most Service Managers resign themselves to a slow season of short, frozen days with little action. But what if that winter mind funk proves totally false and self-imposed? I recently sat down with […]

Traits of good service managers versus substandard managers

How to Become an Elite Service Manager

Many good service managers struggle in their job. That’s probably why we see an almost 50 percent turnover annually in service managers. Not only is that ridiculously high, but it also runs up costs for service companies.  When you consider it, service departments are spending money for recruiting, hiring and training new managers.  When managers […]


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