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There are two main reasons why customers change sides: the merchandise (product or service) or the customer service. Reasons why they change suppliers in relation to merchandises can be due to lower price they found with your competitors, or they find it more suitable instead of what you offer. We can’t help it; it’s a big sea of competition out there, and more and more businesses resort to price reduction, or packages and/or bundles in order to attract customers.

If you cannot go down to their price level, then you need to build up your strength on the other reason, and that is customer service. Let’s talk about building customer relationship.

Customer relationship is built on trust and confidence, quality service the business provides to customers and the commitment to serve. Trust is the first word that came to mind whenever relationship is present. How will you build and retain your customer’s trust and confidence?

You may find this strange but this often results to failed relationship if left unchecked: over promise and under deliver of service. Whenever a delivery is not met, it leads to irritated customers. Failure to meet expectations can definitely break company’s reputation and your name as a service advisor. Deliver your goods on time, if possible ahead of time and you will develop a good reputation. Building a good reputation builds trust.

In addition, most businesses nowadays offer freebies on top of the merchandise or service the customer purchased. Things like giving out discounts, free basic services, all of which that might get the customer’s attention. It’s a good thing but, be careful as this might lead to over promising as well. If you think you’ll be able to give more, deliver it with an ‘element of surprise’ fashion. In this way, you will not be tagged with empty promises if you missed giving out freebies. Yet they sure will be happy to receive one if you are able to do so.

While price of merchandise is important, trust and loyalty once earned thru good customer service, often win new customers and retain old ones even if you’re higher in market price. Providing excellent and high quality service leads to higher profits as customers look for companies who will took care business for them. As what top managers always points out: providing quality service leads to customer satisfaction thus they tend to look for you and stay with you.

Commitment is a collective effort to preserve a long business relationship. Customers look for consistency that we deliver our promises every time, all the time. Customers do not want to feel being neglected, that businesses fail to deliver on promises. And this will definitely have a great effect especially is there’s a tight competition.

The importance of having a good business relationship with customers is as important as maintaining your business. Without customers, your business is dead. You need to understand that building customer loyalty cannot be done overnight; if a customer decides to do business, what you will set the tone will and either make or break the future of the business.

Your commitment towards customer satisfaction will definitely define the barrier between the success and failure of your business. And that’s not all: a satisfied and happy customer is the best advertiser a business will ever find, and it’s for free!


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