“What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay here” – the unofficial slogan of NADA 2016. It’s Day 3 of NADA and I just completed another successful Gamification workshop. By now word has gotten around how awesome the workshop is and unfortunately we had to turn people away because it was PACKED. It was fun seeing full grown men turn into little boys. They were having so much fun which only showcases how powerful Gamification really is. It’s the secret weapon for boosting company morale, increasing CSI, and increasing sales (particularly when combined with Instant Inspection) all while having a blast.

One thing I always recommend Service Managers do is start implementing Instant Inspections on the service drive. Think of how inefficient the standard service department operates. They write the customer up, dispatch the work, and then the tech is pulling the car and out all day. Instead I propose putting lifts right on the Service Drive. Most of the time customers have never even seen the underside of their car. It’s a game changer being able to instantly inspect the car while clearly communicate the issues with the customer. In every instance of implementation CSI is increased and sales are at least doubled.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to discuss this Instant Inspection with Jim Dirksen, Rotary Lift Vice President of Sales and Marketing. There are multiple Rotary Lifts to choose from but one of their more impressive lifts that goes up and down in 40 seconds flat, will run your dealership an average investment of $6,000/month. The minimum increase after implementing Instant Inspections is $100,000 including parts. So that’s $72,000/year investment for at least a $1,000,000/year in sales EASY. It’s easy money, guys. Drop by NADA and see for yourself! Get there early, Gamification is a hot ticket item. If you’re not in the area, check out our Virtual Training Courses and bring the magic to your dealership today!

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