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It’s easy to think that hiring techs is impossible. We’ve heard of it taking years to hire a single tech.

Over the years my team and I have met hundreds of managers who feel this way. And in every single case, my team has been able to figure out how to make it happen.

So why does it feel impossible to hire techs? Well the reasoning behind this feeling is simple.

When you’re looking for a technician what’s the first thing you’re told to do? Either ask HR to draft up some hiring ads that look the same as everyone else’s- or write an ad yourself that’s following the same basic style.

Then post it on Indeed, or google, and wait… *Crickets* 

We realized long ago that there is a fundamental flaw in this system. The basic ads (like the one you see here) simply does not work anymore. It has to be truly unique to you.

What if you could make a technician hiring ad that stood out, showed up first on all those hiring platforms, attracted master techs, and drove them to apply to your dealership?

How We're Able To Hire Techs When No One Else Can

And How you can learn to do the same

We're doing what no other shop is doing and we use the technology that placement agencies don't know how to take advantage of.

Out of pure survival instinct, we've learned how to be more influential than the competition. And using our system, we've been able to hire thousands of techs for our clients over the years.

Getting techs to move cities, even states to work at our shops is no easy feat. So we've studied what motivates people and baked that into our formula.

By using techniques which speak to and influence human nature, and combining that with tried and true marketing technology, we've created a foolproof method.

And we're ready to pass it on to you.


Here's What You'll Learn Inside Tech Tree Live

How To Use Google's AI To Be Seen First By Techs

We'll teach you how to use Google's AI to your advantage and get your hiring ad placed in the #1 spot every time.

The Complete A-To-Z "M.O.R.E" Hiring Strategy

It's not just about getting more applications. It's equally about retention after they're in your shop. Learn what techs really want, and how to stop competitors from poaching your techs.

How To Write A Job Posting That Gets Hundreds Of Applicants

We've received tens of thousands of tech applicants to the job postings we've written. We'll show you how to write one that works.

How To Outrank Indeed's Job Postings On Google

You'll learn how to outrank Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Craigslist and all other job postings to show up #1 every time.

How To Retain Techs For Years
(Without Going Broke)

Technician retention isn't just about paying top dollar. We'll show you how to to make your technicians happy without going broke.

What's Working Now And In The Future Of Tech Hiring

In our biweekly coaching calls you'll always be up-to-date on what's working right now in regards to technician hiring.

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Our Guarantee To You: We have worked tirelessly for years to develop and perfect a technicians hiring system that has worked for us in every situation. We are more than confident that with our team on your side, you'll be able to hire as many technicians as you need for as long as you need. But in case you're not completely satisfied with our program, you can receive a 100% refund on your purchase within the first 30 days of joining. This puts the pressure on us to ensure that we deliver the best results to you as fast as possible.

What They're Saying About Tech Tree Live

"The Technician Recruiting has paid itself tenfold in just 30 days"

“We signed on and immediately had a coach assigned to us. Cliff is great and he checks in with us 2-3 times a week to make sure the ads and everything is going good. Using his processes I have been able to hire not only two solid technicians but it has me recruiting just through word of mouth from other master techs..."

Matt M.
Service Manager
"I hired 9 techs in 45 days and 12 in 3 months"

“ I thought it was really hard to find techs and there were none out there. I got 32 appointments in my first week of implementing this system- and 100 the first month. I hired 9 techs in 45 days. I doubled my tech count! The best thing my coach did was force me to believe it was possible. Mindset makes anything possible."

Chris L.
"We hired 6 techs, 2 advisors, and 4 valets in the first 45 days"

"One of the things our coach did was put us on the offense. Instead of just fishing for the tech we were hunting for them. They showed us how to be creative with the verbiage on the ads. Another thing was the interview process. Your coach will literally load your lips with the reasons a tech should work at your store. EX: medical benefits, 401k, union, pension etc... They have a great interview guide. We hired 6 techs, 2 advisors, and 4 valets in the first 45 days. We have applicants we reached out to 2 months ago, that weren't interested and now calling us to see if the job is available. Cool part about it is the current techs see what's going on and they shaped up.. less unapplied time, not late, shorter lunch breaks. Techs are out there! Remember you have to have discipline, commitment and consistency.

Email from: Anthony P.
(12:54pm 01/12/23)

*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.

WARNING: Tech Tree Live Won't Be Available Forever

Act now or forever hold your peace

We'd love to accommodate every dealership and service center in the country, but as it stands right now, we have a very limited amount of technician hiring coaches available to work with new clients. We have 12 to be exact.

And because we are taking a 1-on-1 approach with everyone who joins, that only leaves enough room for a select few members to join the program before we run into our cap and are forced to shut the doors.

We are closing enrollment on January 27th. So if you need to hire technicians like your business depends on it, and this page is still live, don't wait. Click the button above to join Tech Tree Live NOW!!

What Matt Has To Say:

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My team has yet to fail to hire techs for our clients. I'm more than confident that with my team on your side, you'll be able to hire as many techs as you need now, and in the future. It's the same fee every month and you can cancel at any time. If you join and you're not happy with the service we provide, you can request a full refund within 30 days.

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