‘Service Concierge’ is the Biggest Threat to Your Service Advisors – Chris Talks to the Mastermind Behind It

by | Jun 10, 2019

Are service advisors no longer necessary?  Will they be replaced by software?

Jack Gardner created Service Concierge – a software program that starts in the house of the customer. A customer can log in, schedule a service and after entering the mileage, get any additional recommended services. Then they can also input problems they are having with the car and get a diagnosis and price estimate on the app.

When the customer brings the car in, they check in at a kiosk and the tech gets the RO directly from the app. They’ve completely cut out the need for a service advisor.

Or have they?

What does this mean for your service department?

Listen to this episode to hear what Chris really thinks about this new tech and how you can prepare yourself for the wave of artificial intelligence that seems to be taking the nation by storm.