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We Are the Self-Made Underdogs!

At Chris Collins, Inc., we specialize in training service department employees and managers in the Bulldog Mentality, which enables dealerships to overcome obstacles to profitability. We are renegades who love a challenge because success is always sweeter after going through hard times. And we want you to join our movement.

We Don’t Believe in the Path of Least Resistance

Are you content to keep doing the same things you’ve been doing day after day simply because it’s an easy road to take? Well then, my friend, this isn’t the right place for you. Chris Collins, Inc. is about breaking down old processes and systems for the sake of building back better. We are the architects of new frameworks that get results. We have an established track record of turning around struggling companies in 90 or fewer days. We accomplish this by identifying areas for improvement, finding new revenue streams, improving customer service, and increasing the value of the business. It’s like we’re alchemists and your business is the lead we’re turning into gold.

“But What I’m Doing Is Working. Why Change It?”

First of all, are you quite sure that what you’re doing is really working? Chris talks to a lot of managers, and one of the questions he likes to ask is, “Is your dealership profitable?” Nearly every one of them gets that deer-caught-in-the-headlights look on their face as they realize they don’t know how to answer that question. Not only are they not sure whether they’re profitable, but they aren’t even sure which areas require improvement. They’re stuck following the same status quo day after day because they don’t even realize that change is necessary. At Chris Collins, Inc., we take pleasure in smashing the status quo to pave the way for improvements and greater profitability. Everybody enjoys being profitable. Don’t you?

We Never Compromise on Our Beliefs

We believe every setback presents opportunities, if only you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

We believe in getting results, even if it means taking a wrecking ball to the old school way of doing things.

We believe in speed and execution.

We believe in taking ownership and responsibility for every employee, customer connection, and result. No. Matter. What.

The Self-Made Underdogs’ Manifesto

We will always strive to challenge and support each other.

We go after results with a vengeance, but when we achieve them, we are the quiet, humble ones in the back of the room.

We aren’t satisfied until we’re at the top of the industry in profitability.

Our service departments are a reflection of ourselves.

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