Chris Collins Signature Coaching Group

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You will become a part of…

Top Dog Underground Service Advisor Weekly Competition:

Competition that’s fun and rewarding! Service Advisors across the country compete for prizes! Our proprietary software updates twice weekly, and it uniquely draws out the best, rock-solid competition to increase sales dramatically, motivating service advisors to constantly improve – becoming ‘Top Dogs’ – all while having a great time!

General Manager & Service Manager Bootcamp:

Led by one of our top coaches, a semi-private, a one-day workshop for Service Managers and GMs that walks you through the steps to profit from the personalized opening that launches our proven system in your dealership.

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Dave Cissi

“It quickly became apparent that the energy was derived from Mario’s drive to succeed and be the best.”

“…I quickly realized how that time spent planning and organizing would not only free up my time, but would also allow me the ability to stop many of the fires from starting.”

“…My life and department began rotating rhythmically as if it were a finely tuned engine.”

“Each new day my thought and focus are on getting more horsepower. That horsepower is equal to a better service experience for our customers, a happier work force – unlike what I had seen in 10 years – and a return on investment that I promised Kate and Tom. I could not have accomplished this miraculous feat without the help and push from Mario and Hassan.”

Dave Cissi

MB of St Louis

Private Coach To Work with Each Manager One-on-One Monthly:

It’s no surprise – the important, unusual situations will jump up at unique times – sometimes the worst times – and they need a personal touch. A private Chris Collins Inc coach will meet with your Service Manager on private coaching calls for all the details and expertise to skillfully implement our system.

Live in Drive “In House Coaching”

When you need the support, we’ll be there for you, with all the particulars for your unique situation. Service Managers will have the personalized help they need, tailored exactly to your dealership and your customers.

Ben Cooper

“…the hour or so that Chris spent talking with the group, I believe was the most memorable.”

“During Boot Camp, we set goals that at the time I had little confidence we would be able to achieve. It has certainly not been easy and we have not reached the finish line by any means but have been able to make significant improvements in many areas. Our team has experienced an effective labor rate increase of $15.25, a net to gross increase of 19.8% a CSI increase of 21 points, and other remarkable increases in nearly all metrics.”

“…the training that I have been fortunate enough to be part of over the past 12 months has prepared me to be an effective leader more than the training received cumulatively over the past 20 years.

Sounds cliché’ but the sky is the limit and all things feel possible.”

“Thank you, Chris, and team for all you do!”

Ben Cooper

My Gastonia Nissan

Quarterly 2-Day Coaching Meetings:

With an eye on the bottom line, every quarter Service Managers can come to a distraction-free setting to discuss what works, what doesn’t, to set goals, and to hold one another responsible. They will return home with an action plan. Learning ninja business practices, service managers will hone their edge and return to their base with the best systems that work.

Tickets for you and your Top Advisor to the Annual Top Dog Event:

The most talked about event in the industry! Join the Best of the Best! Every year, the Chris Collins Coaching Group hosts Top Dog to recognize the Top Service Manager of the Year and the Top Service Advisor of the Year. This event will fire up Service Managers at every level to hit and exceed their target goals!

Proprietary Competition Software, AKA, “The Comp”

“The Comp” lets your Service Managers see exactly how their peers across the country are doing. Learn what works, as well as what doesn’t. This is available only through our system, and it is only available to members. You cannot win if you do not play! So,.. Get in the game! With The Comp!

Gareth Rowlands

“In watching and dissecting the videos, it all started making sense and the picture of the next level started becoming clearer.”

“…The knowledge of committing to excellence to our customers upfront, petting the dog while performing a perfect walkaround has so far kept me safe. Coincidentally, our CSI numbers have correlated to my safety and have seen steady increases in a thriving district in the Honda world.”

“I couldn’t be happier with the development it has provided for me on a professional and personal level.”

“The heartbeat that Chris Collins Inc. created is something that will shake the league and everyone will dream about becoming a part of the ‘Bulldogs in Bow-ties’ team.”

Gareth Rowlands

Honda Morristown

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Service Manager University

Service Manager University

Learn how to: 

  • Build menus that convert
  • Increase your ELR by $15-$25 by using new pricing strategies
  • Implement inspection systems that self-manage
  • Read and comprehend financial statements
  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Create effective shop loading and dispatching systems
  • Effectively hire and recruit top talent
  • Become a master of time management (i.e. work/life balance)
  • And much, much more including hours of OnDemand online coursework

Service Managers control more gross and affect the customer experience more than any other position at the dealership but receive the least amount of training and mentorship. Most of what they have learned over the years comes from tribal knowledge or the factory. Service Manager University (SMU) teaches you proven strategies that work in today’s competitive climate.

SMU will develop your unshakable confidence and create the mindset to make the right things happen for the dealership, your customers, your staff, and for you.

Technician Tree Recruiting

Technician Tree Recruiting

Never has technician recruiting been more difficult!

It is estimated we are losing two technicians for every new one coming into our industry.

Technician Tree will walk you through the steps to recruit and build a balanced mix of technicians. You can have the culture in the shop you want and the production you need in order to hit the big sales number you deserve. This isn’t a course you want your competition to get their hands on before you do. 

Service Advisor Academy

Service Advisor Master Class

This is by far the most effective advisor training ever created. Some say advisors are salespeople. Those people have never written service at a high level. Advisors are customer collectors and their sales are based on trust more than anything else.

Service Advisor Academy will teach your advisors how to connect with customers on a deeper level as they master the “Circle Of Trust”. When customers are in safe and dependable vehicles, sales happen easier and more consistently benefiting everyone. Help advisors learn that staying in one place and collecting customers is the secret to their long-term success.

Pet The Dog Customer Service

Pet the Dog

The greatest advantage you can have in your market is great customer service. It costs nothing and is impossible to execute for the unenlightened.  Offering, and receiving, great customer service is because of social media and today’s trends towards minimizing human contact.

Even if you’re the best in your field, if you don’t connect, the customer will walk away.

People are desperate to connect with people. You’ve got to “pet the dog”. This course will help you understand why it’s vital to help customers see that you care about their needs, and explore how your dealership can deliver the very best service for them as you understand their needs.

You want everyone who interacts with your customers to take this course.



With the guidance, techniques, and tools included in this course, you'll be able to make a PERMANENT CHANGE in the way your sales team thinks and operates.

  • Your team will be happier and more energized.
  • Many studies have proven that better morale means MORE SALES.
  • Better morale also means better CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.
  • This leads to referrals and repeat business, and EVEN MORE SALES.
  • Your team will LOVE COMING TO WORK!
  • LOWER TURNOVER and the costs that come with it.
  • Call-offs and tardiness will drop off dramatically.
  • Discipline issues will DISAPPEAR.

You'll have the tools to target exactly what you need to sell and maximize profits!



We often teach our technicians how to repair vehicles, but seldom are they taught how to make flat rate time management decisions, or how to increase their hours by selling more with the advisors.

This is a crucial piece to your overall success and keeping everyone rowing in the same direction.


Morning meetings will never be the same once you start using Pops. Our morning meeting videos do all the heavy lifting and start the day off with insight and inspiration.  These turnkey meeting starters will help transform your team from game-players to game-changers. This huge bank of Pops covers dozens of the most common topics you deal with, like how to help customers overcome decision anxiety, body language, the process of making sales happen, keeping consistent in presentation, why we lose sales, problem solving skills, and important customer warning signs.


With Super Admin access, your OnDemand account is available to your staff as you need it. You can add Service Advisors, Technicians, BDCs and VoiceCom personnel, and support staff as you see fit. Once they’re part of the program, each one will have their own account that you can monitor for progress and improvement. Super Admin access lets you share the wealth while you guide personnel to build a winning team for your dealership.


Instantly check the status of your personnel’s training progression. Are certifications up to date? What’s your technician’s progress? Do they need more training? In what areas? Training reporting helps you guide your staff get to maximize service, and maximize profits. This puts you in the driver’s seat to build the strongest service staff.

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Service Drive Revolution
On-Demand Platform

Service Drive Revolution OnDemand: Train Your Team 24/7 365

Service Manager University
Technician Tree Recruiting Course
Service Advisor Academy
Technician Sales and Time Management
Pet The Dog Customer Service
Super Admin (Add Your Service Advisors,
Tech, BDC, Support Staff)
Training reporting

Entry into Service Manager Challenge ‘Win My 2020 Jeep Gladiator’

Chris Collins Signature
Coaching Group

Service Drive Revolution OnDemand: Train Your Team 24/7 365

Service Manager University
Technician Tree Recruiting Course
Service Advisor Academy
Technician Sales and Time Management
Pet The Dog Customer Service
Super Admin (Add Your Service Advisors,
Tech, BDC, Support Staff)
Training Reporting

Entry into Service Manager Challenge ‘Win My 2020 Jeep Gladiator’

Online Performance Tracking & Benchmarking

Top Dog Underground Service Advisor Weekly Competition
General Manager & Service Manager Bootcamp
Private Coach to work with each Manager one-on-one monthly
Quarterly 2-Day Coaching Meetings
Tickets for you and your Top Advisor to the Annual Top Dog Event.
Proprietary Competition Software AKA “The Comp”