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Our leadership and accountability coaching services are designed with three things in mind: increasing customer satisfaction, increasing customer retention, and skyrocketing your profits—so much you’ll be pissed you didn’t find us sooner! And no, this isn’t yet another training course that pretends it’ll teach you how to do your job… which you already know how to do. This is a fully customizable suite of coaching services designed to improve the accountability necessary to get results. Because we’re all about results.

“But Why Would I Improve Fixed Ops When Sales Brings in the $$$?”

We hear this one often. Dealers think the sales department is the most important aspect of their business, since that’s where the dough is at. They’re surprised to discover that they are wrong. Yep. You heard me right. You’re dead wrong. And here’s why. Boosting the revenue of your fixed ops will exponentially increase the value of your dealership. You’ll be able to borrow against your fixed ops revenue and get additional perks from manufacturers. Plus, when the time comes, you’ll be able to sell your dealership for far more dough if you have a robust fixed ops department. But by all means, if you’d rather not raise your revenue and the value of your business, keep on focusing on your sales. I’ll be right here waiting for your knock on the door when you realize it’s not working.

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