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Making your dealership profitable

Is your business turning a profit? If you’re like a lot of dealership owners these days, you’re actually losing money. Cars are lasting longer and they are well-designed, which means dealerships are selling fewer of them while simultaneously doing fewer repairs. Unfortunately, what’s good for consumers isn’t necessarily good for your business. But there’s a solution. Our exclusive programs are designed to positively impact the three things that are crucial for your business: better customer satisfaction, increased customer retention, and skyward-bound profits.

Service Drive Revolution: On-Demand Training

Our on-demand training is designed to introduce a greater level of accountability into your service department. Learn proven strategies to build a stronger, more accountable team, optimize sales and customer retention, get your departments in sync with each other, and so much more. We designed our on-demand training with dealerships in mind. However, it’s applicable to any service business, including bike shops and marine service departments. Plus, there are no hidden fees and no long-term contracts. In other words, feel free to fire us at any time if you think it’s not worth it. (We’re not worried. We know we’re worth it.)

Chris Collins’ Signature Coaching Group

Are you rushing around each day trying to put out fires? Feeling like you’re stuck and not making any forward progress? Do you even know how much revenue your department brings in or whether the business is profitable? It’s time to stop being reactive and start being proactive with our Signature Coaching Group. Our package of leadership and accountability coaching services will enable you to increase your profits, boost customer retention, and skyrocket your customer satisfaction. Plus, our accountability coaching services offer a flexible number of weeks of service. One of our accountability coaches will spend a week in your service department, walking your employees through the implementation of our revolutionary systems and processes designed to shatter your quotas. At Chris Collins Inc., we believe in results. And we know you do, too.


Ever heard of a DIY college degree? Well, now you can DIY your leadership and accountability training with books written by Chris Collins himself—no university applications required. You’ll get straight-shooting advice and actionable steps you can take right away to maximize your fixed absorption and customer retention. The Irreplaceable Service Manager, Millionaire Service Advisor, and Gamification: Playing for Profits (an Amazon bestseller) are your tickets to becoming so successful you’ll knock your own socks off.


Join me as I tell the stories from my best-selling book.

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