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WARNING: Service manager turnover is nearing 50%

(Here’s how to stop it…)

Join the thousands of service managers turning their fixed ops departments into profit making machines, and you’ll never worry about getting fired again.


WARNING: Service manager turnover is nearing 50%

(Here’s how to stop it…)

Join the thousands of service managers turning their fixed ops departments into profit making machines, and you’ll never worry about getting fired again.


WARNING: Service manager turnover is nearing 50%

(Here’s how to stop it…)

Join the thousands of service managers turning their fixed ops departments into profit making machines, and you’ll never worry about getting fired again.


Question for you…

What would building a


service department mean for you?

For some of you, that might mean finally putting an end to feeling strapped to your desk all day dealing with the never ending stream of employees asking if you’ve “got a minute”

For others, it might mean being able to spend more time away from the dealership, watching football with the guys, or spending quality time with your family.

For others, it might mean having the time and money to finally taking that vacation you’ve been putting off for years.

Or maybe it means SECURITY in your job or personal life.

Whatever it means for you, I want you to know

The path to hitting and surpassing these goals is simple. But only when you have the right system in place to make it happen…

Chris Collins

In Service Drive Revolution OnDemand You'll Learn the Exact Systems Thousands of Service Managers Have Used To...


but first, you should know…

Service Managers Are a Dime a Dozen

The truth is, every day, more and more service managers are getting fired with little to no warning at all. Leaving them to question what they even did wrong in the first place.

Service managers are having to work twice as much to get half the results as the bigger guys.

With inventory lower than ever, technician shortages, parts shortages, and customers demanding a more “Tesla-like” experience, it’s never been harder to run a smooth sailing profitable service department.

Even if you’re having a good month now, in our current world, there’s no telling where your numbers will be next month.

Unfortunately, it’s just the harsh reality we live in…

But it doesn’t have to be that way…
Chris Collins

I want to tell you something you probably haven’t heard in the entire course of your career… It’s NOT your fault.

Service managers are tasked with managing the most profitable department in the dealership and given the least amount of (if any) training on how to succeed in the position.

You’re being judged on things you don’t even understand, like financial statements and profitability, because no one has taught you! Like being thrown in the deep end of an olympic swimming pool with no idea how to swim, and being expected to win the gold in the 100m freestyle.

So it’s no wonder why nearly 50% of service managers get fed up and quit, or get the boot with no warning, year over year.

For years I’ve seen it first hand. The thousands of service managers who are constantly looking over their shoulder worried about getting fired, who are working 60-80 hours per week with little results, and who are putting their health and relationships behind their work. 

But with Service Drive Revolution OnDemand…

there is a way out.

Check out what these service managers did for their dealerships!
Premier Honda
Committed Nissan
Small Town Toyota
These results are only the beginning.

Following the systems within Service Drive Revolution OnDemand changes everything.

“My ELR changed almost overnight. In less than three short months we were able to increase our revenue by $180,000…”

Kollin Born

Kollin Born


“The return has been huge! We’ve increased our ELR consistently across all of our stores. Our advisors are much better salespeople.. 

Fred Kirschbaum

Fred Kirschbaum

Chief Financial Officer

Net Gross increase of 38%
ELR increased by $18
CSI increased from 63 to 74

Damon Egan

Damon Egan

Sherwood Ford

Net Gross increase of 36.01%
ELR increased by $26
CSI increased from 93 to 94

Dave Cissi

Dave Cissi

Mercedes Benz St. Louis

ELR increased by $29
CSI increased from 87.4 to 94.4

Don Volk

Don Volk

Cody Wyoming

Here's what they have to say...

How are results like this possible?

Using the proven systems and methods inside Service Drive Revolution OnDemand!

Let me show you what’s inside!

Service Manager University

Service Manager University $3,497 Included

This course will teach you proven strategies to build a stronger team, increase customer satisfaction and retention, create pricing strategies that drive profits, and increase your ELR by as much as $15 to $20!

With over 4 hours of training content, Service Manager University gives you all the skills you need to become the hero of your dealership!

Masterclass Service Advisor

Master Class Service Advisor $1,499 Included

The most effective Service Advisor training ever created. Using our proven “Circle of Trust” system, Master Class Service Advisor teaches Service Advisors to connect with customers on a deeper level, and help them see that you care about their needs.

Master Class Service Advisor will transform your Service Advisors into highly-skilled customer collectors, who deliver the very best customer service experience every time.

Technician Tree Recruiting

Technician Tree Recruiting $997 Included

It is estimated we are losing two Technicians for every new one coming into our industry… With over 4 hours of content, Technician Tree is our system for recruiting and training a balanced mix of Technicians for your Service Drive, helping you reach the level of production you need in order to hit the big sales number you deserve.

Technician Tree has been tested and proven to hire hundreds of Technicians for our private Coaching clients. It worked for them, and it will work for you! Here’s what you’re getting…

BDC Training

BDC Training $997 FREE

You asked and we answered! This bonus BDC Training Course is better than anything available on the market today. Easily plug into your existing BDC to effectively meet your customers needs and improve your overall scheduling and follow up system.

With over eight modules to watch, scripts for inbound calls and follow ups, automotive basics training, and customer de-escalation techniques, your BDC reps will be equipped with everything they need to make a difference in your department. Here’s what our Heroes of The BDC Training will do for your service department.

Pet The Dog

Pet The Dog Customer Service $499 Included!

The greatest advantage you can have in any market is great customer service, and that’s what you’ll learn with Pet the Dog Customer Service. If you don’t connect with your customers on a meaningful level, they can (and will) walk away.

With nearly an hour of content, Pet the Dog Customer Service teaches Service Advisors how to connect with customers, increasing sales and retention.

Gamification Playing For Profits $497 Included

Many studies have proven that higher morale results in more sales, higher customer satisfaction, increased referrals, lower turnover, fewer discipline issues, and much, much more…

With over 2 hours of games included in Gamification, your team will be happier and more energized to sell and maximize profits! Here’s what’s included…

But wait…

Service Drive Revolution OnDemand is NOT for everyone…

We’ve helped thousands of service managers all across North America, reach unprecedented profits in their service drive, but by no means are we meant for everyone.

If you are looking for anything one time, done for you, or outdated, this is NOT your program.

When you become a member of Service Drive Revolution OnDemand, you get the most up-to-date, field tested strategies in our industry.

We don’t settle for anything less. That’s why we are constantly recording and releasing new content for everyone in your service department.

By Signing Up Today,

You Also Get Access To These Awesome Bonuses

1 hour strategy session

1-Hour Strategy

Session With Chris Collins

Spend an hour with Chris Collins, build a custom financial plan for your business, map out the first steps of your journey, and set goals for yourself and your team. Hiring Chris Collins for one hour would cost you $15,000 at minimum!



Service Menu Builder

1-Hour Strategy

Service Menu Builder
Having the proper service menu in place can make the difference between losing and gaining tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit per month! Use our bonus master menu template to instantly put a strong service menu in place in your department.



1-Hour Strategy

The 17 Laws of Leadership

Want to earn the loyalty and admiration from your team and management? In 17 laws of leadership, you’ll get the battle tested lessons of leadership from decades of creating, building, and leading, high performing teams.




Monthly Virtual Advisor Training

1-Hour Strategy

Monthly Virtual Advisor Trainings

Say goodbye to one size fits all advisor training. Members of our OnDemand platform can send all of their advisors to our Monthly Virtual Advisor Training meetings, where we work hands on with your team to review performance and overcome their obstacles.

$599 Per Advisor

1-Hour Strategy

Learn Financials in Under an Hour

Learn Financials in Under
an Hour

Trying to increase profitability within your service department without ever seeing a financial statement, is like finding a needle in a haystack with a blindfold on! This bonus gives you the blueprint to understanding the confusing financial statement in under an hour.



1-Hour Strategy

Business Office

The business office is the spirit and soul of the dealership. In this bonus training, Chris walks the business office through how profitability in a service department is created, best hiring practices to set the department up for success, and the secrets he has picked up through decades of fixing service departments!




1-Hour Strategy


This bonus training provides your technicians with a strategic roadmap to take them to success in your department. From proven methods to filling the pipeline, setting up your service advisors for success, and complete inspection overviews, our technician training improves your entire department while boosting retention.


Morning Meeting Pops

1-Hour Strategy

Morning Meeting

Morning meetings are the secret to improving your employee morale and crafting a culture of constant improvement! But knowing how to throw an exciting meeting is always a challenge. Enter our Morning Meeting Pops! Short, comedic, and valuable videos you can throw on every morning to get your employees talking!



TopDog Underground

1-Hour Strategy

Top Dog

It’s a dog eat dog world! In Top Dog Underground, you’ll go head to head against hundreds of other service managers and service advisors in the industry for your chance to win hundreds of dollars in monthly cash prizes!



Total Value: $26,068

Just a Monthly Payment of $249.95 To Join

My Guarantee

Chris Collins

I 100% guarantee that within your first 30 days, you’ll love our system and all the perks that come with being a member of Service Drive Revolution OnDemand, or I’ll return your investment of $249.95 no questions asked.

Why am I so sure you’ll love it? Because month to month we have a client retention rate of almost 99%. Let me stress that again, 99%! Because of our constantly updating library, underground community, and groundbreaking systems, our clients stay on for years on average!

If you’re not satisfied with your order, just reach out to my team and I, and we’ll make it right.

©2022 Chris Collins Inc


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