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Focusing on actually connecting with customers every time doesn’t just ensure satisfaction, it keeps them coming back.

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Consistency in how we interact and follow up with customers is the best way to improve customer satisfaction.

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Making Your Dealership Profitable With Our Exclusive Programs

We’ll work to create a custom strategy for your dealership and situation. First things first, we’ll take your Service Manager through an intensive in-person Mastermind session to introduce them to our processes. We’ll empower your Managers with everything they’ll need to ensure they can keep everything on track when we’re not in store. 

When your coach comes in for Live-in-Drive training sessions, they take stock of progress and work with you to redirect efforts as needed. They’ll be on hand for direct training sessions, accountability, and collaborative problem-solving. 

We’ll make sure that you’re fully up-to-date every step of the way! And if you’re ever unhappy with results, we’re here to chat. No long-term contracts. No hidden fees. Cancel any time.

You can’t increase production without proper staffing, and the technician shortage is no joke. Trade schools and apprenticeships are a huge help, but finding more seasoned techs can be a challenge. Most of the time, the issue is how we approach recruitment.

Hiring high-quality techs takes quite a bit of work. You can’t just post the same boilerplate ad you’ve been using for the past 15 years. You have to get creative, and you have to really get after it. 

We’ll show you our system for posting custom-tailored ads on as many different sites as possible, and how to leverage Google’s algorithm to make sure that your ad appears at the top of the result for job-seekers in your region. 

This online course will turn any green Service Manager into a knowledgeable professional.  Your Service Manager will learn how to: 

  • Build service menus that convert
  • Implement pricing strategies to increase your ELR 
  • Install inspection systems that self-manage
  • Comprehend financial statements
  • Lead and communicate effectively with their team 
  • Build effective shop loading and dispatching systems
  • Hire and recruit top talent across the department 
  • Manage their time in an efficient manner


Most of what they’ve learned over the years comes from tribal knowledge and the manufacturer. It’s a good baseline, but with Service Manager University (SMU), we wanted to go deeper. We’ve compiled the ideas that work and expanded upon them with Chris’ ideology and processes.

Effective training from the ground up is the only way to really turn things around. This is by far the most effective advisor training ever created. Some say advisors are salespeople, but those people have never written service at a high level. We show your advisors how to operate like customer-collectors, building up a recurring client base full of genuine, trusting customer relationships. 

Service Advisor Academy will teach your advisors how to connect with customers on a deeper level as they master the “Circle Of Trust”. When customers are in safe and dependable vehicles, sales happen easier and more consistently benefiting everyone. Help advisors learn that staying in one place and collecting customers is the secret to their long-term success.

We’re firm believers in gamification here, so we run a monthly competition that we call “The Comp.” All of the Service Advisors and Managers in our Coaching Group can post their vital KPI’s in our system, where we compare numbers between like-branded and sized stores from across North America. Winning Service Managers and Advisors will get a custom bulldog trophy and cash prizes.

More importantly, they’ll get bragging rights and the unbeatable satisfaction of a job well done. Competitors are also be able to compare their numbers in real-time through our private results dashboard. This feature is a big hit among our clients! A little friendly competition can be a fantastic source of motivation and inspiration to reach new heights. 

As a member of our Signature Coaching Group, you’ll get access to quarterly coaching meetings.  We make a point to get together every quarter for a weekend of in-person training, networking, and collaboration. You’ll get facetime with our team of expert coaches and new resources to help you stay on track with your dealership goals. 

But the best part is the opportunity to share ideas with other coaching clients in the program! We’ve seen time and time again the value in getting high-performing Managers together to meld minds and collaborate. That’s why we make a big point to get all of the best and brightest professionals together in one room. 

You’ll also get a guaranteed seat at our annual Top Dog Conference here in Los Angeles! Think of it like a Quarterly Coaching Meeting on steroids. Top Dog is our biggest event of the year, so we always pull out all the stops. Hands-on training, unique team-building and mind-expanding exercises, and epic afterparties. Every year, speakers from the worlds of entertainment, sports, marketing/sales, and other relevant industries come by to share their expertise.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to see how the processes and systems that guide these high-performers can be applied to our industry. Work hard, play hard is the guiding motto, so we make sure to create memorable late night experiences full of music, food & drink, and conversation. 

Unlock Your Dealership’s Potential: Get Started Today

Question for you…

What Would It Feel Like To Be The Envy Of Your 20 Group?

You likely have some ideas on how to improve your department, but you simply don’t have the time. 

That’s where we come in. Our coaches are veteran Fixed Ops Directors and Service Managers who will work with your team to install efficient systems. They’ll empower your employees AND hold them accountable to achieve at a higher standard. And they’ll give you your time back! 

We don’t just want to get your service drive back up and running – we want you to be the highest-performing dealership in your 20 group. 

“Why Would I Improve Fixed Ops When Sales Brings In The $$$ ?”

Hint: The Dealership Model Is Changing

Every Dealer worth their salt understands the value of Fixed Absorption. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

We don’t know what the future holds for the sales department…the influence of Tesla’s direct-to-consumer model is undeniable. But it’s still unclear which way the pendulum will swing. 

One thing is certain: there are 300 million cars on the road in the United States, and they’re not going anywhere. They’re still going to break down and need parts. Both combustion and EV. 

Fixed Ops is going to become the major profit center of your dealership. Invest in that future reality. Get ahead of the curve. 


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We operate on a month-to-month basis because we want your results to be the reason you stay with us.


Your coach will set a plan of action and make adjustments along the way to ensure you get the results you need.


Our proprietary software includes a store dashboard to track results and join in a monthly competition for managers and advisors.
Unlock Your Dealership’s Potential: Get Started Today

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