How Service Advisors can Overcome Sales Objections

In today’s episode of Service Drive Revolution, we’re going to discuss ways service advisors can overcome sales objections. While you can’t avoid them, you can learn how to overcome them effectively, and how to turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’. By creating a controlled connection with our customer, we will be able to overcome sales objections more often.

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Automotive technician pay plans: Hourly vs. Flat Rate…

What's the best automotive technician pay plan? We're used to technicians getting a flat rate but sometimes that's not enough. 

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Best Ways for Parts and Service Departments Working Together to Succeed

The countdown begins. Chris Collins INC is finally almost ready to transition to the new studio. Things get a little emotional here at Service Drive Revolution. But the topic of the day concerns the relationship between parts and service. Christian has an amazing list of ways parts and service can bridge the gap in their relationship and use that to make more money. Do your parts and service managers work together often? Let us know in the comments!

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How Direct to Consumer Sales Impact the Service Drive

On today's episode, Chris and Coach Christian talk about the future of dealerships and consumers and about the dealers going direct to consumer. There are multiple manufacturers going straight to consumer and Chris discusses the different strategies dealers are implementing in order to transition smoothly.

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Dealer Markups on New Cars – What Does the Future Hold?

In today's episode of Service Drive Revolution, Chris and Coach Christian use crazy dealership markup examples to play a special edition of The Price is Right. Christian gives Chris a vehicle and he tries to guess the price over sticker. You won't believe what some of these prices are... Chris teaches us what to do in these situations and how it affects the service drive. Do you think this will affect cars being serviced in the future?

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Traits of good service managers versus substandard managers

In today's episode of Service Drive Revolution, Chris and Coach Christian are joined by our brand new coach, James. They talk about James's fascination with Star Trek, and how the community of die hard fans can teach us about the power of having a fan base for a business. Christian also goes over some tire and battery news and how customers choose them. The topic of the day concerns the difference between elite and struggling service managers. What can you do do to improve your leadership?

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How to address market based pricing increases with your customers

On today’s episode of Service Drive Revolution, Chris and Coach Christian go over the rise in prices. Dealing with inflation can be tricky and challenging especially when it comes to translating these to your customers.

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So, What’s the Actual Role of a Service Advisor, Anyway?

In today’s Service Drive Revolution, Chris and Coach Christian go over exactly what a Service Advisor does on a daily basis. Should you replace your Service Advisors with a kiosk? Do you need a Service Advisor?

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