How To Use Marketing Effectively – Service Drive Revolution #55

Marketing is this topic today with Service Drive gurus Chris Collins and Gary Daniel. In this snack size episode of Service Drive Revolution, perfect for your morning commute, Chris and Gary discuss the process of Marketing. How can you drive traffic to the service drive, be the most effective with your ad dollars and most importantly how to drive the correct type focus-customers.

The guys want to teach you how to work smart and don’t end up doing more for less, as Chris states “90 percent of the time you don’t need more cars, you need to increase your sales per car”. How do you do this?

All is revealed in this episode of SDR!

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Advisor PayPlans – Service Drive Revolution #53

Service Drive gurus Chris Collins and Gary Daniel are back revisiting the widely successful Service Drive Revolution to discuss ADVISOR PAY PLANS.

First off, Chris tells a hilarious story from the East coast coaching group meeting that involves, NFL, cigar bars, time confusion and head Chris Collins coach Jair Martinez. Moving onto the main topic of today, Advisor Pay Plans, Chris and Gary discuss what makes employees leave, how to manage finances when paying staff, how to pay employees so they earn more and how to double profits all while making your staff happier. This weeks show is must listen episode for those who want to know how service drive guru Chris Collins set ups advisor pay plans, and how it creates record breaking advisors who will not only earn more money and boost morale, but also dramatically increase profits in the service drive.

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We Answer Your Questions – Service Drive Revolution #52

They’re back! The Service Drive gurus Chris Collins and Gary Daniel are back revisiting the widely successful Service Drive Revolution to answer your questions. In this week’s episode, Chris and Gary catch upon what’s happened since they recorded the last episode at the Top Dog Event 2017. They discuss Gary’s health saga, including shoulder surgery from skateboarding accents, but most importantly they read and answer some of the questions coming into the office. These involve varied struggles from all over the industry, from conflicts with fellow colleagues to the fundamentals of Service Drive success – Customer Service. Listen and subscribe for future episodes.

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The 2017 $50k Service Manager Challenge SPECIAL

In this week’s show, we have a bonus SDR episode in celebration of our Top Dog 2017 event. The service drive experts Chris “Bulldog” Collins and Gary “G Man” Daniel sit down with the finalists of the $50,000 Service Manager Challenge. Held in the Renaissance Hotel in Los Angeles, Chris and Gary take the finalists to the presidential suite for this special edition of Service Drive Revolution. In this show you will hear the struggles, accomplishments and overall journey of some of the leading service managers in the country. They discuss what it was like to join the Chris Collins family and what it took to overcome the hurdles en route to becoming a leader in the industry. This episode features the finalists: Roberta Carron, Gareth Rowlands, Mike Rabbitts, David Cissi, Damon Eagon, Ben Cooper and Don Volk. This special episode will offer great insight into how to grow and succeed in the Service Drive.

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#50 – The Final Episode

On this week’s show, Chris announces that this will be the final SERVICE DRIVE REVOLUTION (at least for a while) BUT… there is new and exciting news!

Chris and Gary are starting a brand new podcast — Chris Collins UNLEASHED — that focuses primarily on Business Performance. So if you have enjoyed the discussions over the last year on business topics such as time management, leadership, scaling and growing and much more, then this is the new podcast for you.

Search ‘Chris Collins Unleashed’ right here on Apple Podcasts, and please subscribe and leave us a review!

To celebrate the last episode as we know it, the leaders in the Service Drive reminisce about their favorite and not so favorite moments doing the show. Chris talks about how some new clients enrolled in the Chris Collins training program believing that the podcast was the main content of the program! To which Chris and Gary thought was hilarious – guys talking about orange underwear and drinking tequila being the training tools.

Gary then moves onto discuss JOCKO WILLINK and the experience of going down to San Diego and recording an episode with the New York Times Best-Selling Author and US Veteran. They joke about not being super prepared or the best interviewers at the time, and that they weren’t anticipating Jockos intense presence on camera. Either way, they had a great time and much respect for “a true pro”.

They look back at the 50k SERVICE MANAGER CHALLENGE SPECIAL, how it was great to interview other leaders in service drive management. Chris jokes about being scrunched up next to Gary on a tiny table so that “Lucas could fit everyone in the same shot”.

In this final SDR, the guys look back at the year’s episodes and guests including Tim Kintz,  Dave Anderson, Jocko Willink and Service Managers from the frontline of the industry.

Everyone here at Chris Collins Inc. would like to thank you for your support and response to the show and will continue to pass on great information and give back on the new show ‘Chris Collins Unleashed’.

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#49 – How To Scale Up and Grow

On this week’s show, Chris “The Bulldog” Collins and co-host Gary “G MAN” Daniel talk about how to scale up and grow your Service Drive.

First, the service drive guru’s get a quick update on Gary’s health following his recent blood test. The conversation opens up as Chris talks about Gary’s electric skateboard, trying to discover what Gary thinks a healthy American male looks like. Hilarity ensues as they discuss Domino’s pizza apps, Chris buying and controlling a stand-up treadmill desk for Gary and Gary’s mid-life crisis Fixie bike. Wrapping this segment up, Gary REVEALS his new cholesterol score to which Chris goes into “improv” doctor mode.

The conversation moves onto the main topic of the week – SCALING AND GROWING YOUR BUSINESS. Chris’ first tip is: “you have to think of things as systems that are scalable.” Compartmentalizing the groups within the service drive and establishing how many staff members you need. Chris and Gary then discuss the mindset of growth and putting yourself in a position to cope and have solid control as the business goes to the next level. They also bring up that there is no cap to that growth, you can always improve.

In this week’s show, the leaders in SERVICE DRIVE TRAINING break down the tips and tools to scaling up your business and giving you the vision and mindset to take on that growth.

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#48 – The Keys To The Financial Statement

One of the most important things for a leader to be able to move up the ladder is to understand FINANCIALS”.

On this week’s show, Chris “The Bulldog” Collins and co-host Gary “G-MAN” Daniel discuss the keys to understanding the financial statement and how in just simply understanding the financial statement correctly can dramatically increase profits and create effective workflow systems.

Before the main topic of the week, Chris wants to discuss Gary’s new hobby…long-boarding. As it turns out it’s not just any longboard, “but the Ferrari of longboards” with a wireless remote triggered engine. Gary’s relives a dramatic story/situation that happened on the Venice Beach boardwalk the other week. Following this Chris wants to have the “mid-life crisis conversation”. As Chris asks what Gary will purchase for next car, they discuss classic cars and some of their own car history including the cars on their dream list.

The experts of the Service Drive then move onto the main topic of the week – financials. Chris opens up the topic talking about how managers aren’t paying enough attention to the financial statement and focusing too much on gross. Chris and Gary break down what you need to be looking at when you’re going through and working with financials – profit is the bottom line, “we’re in the business of making money”.

Gary reminds Chris of when he taught him how to understand financials many years ago, using a pen and pencil instead of Excel spreadsheets. Both Gary and Chris discuss how difficult it was and how it made them feel almost stupid “it took me until the 5th or 6th time to get it”. But it’s just repetition and learning how to work and understand it, as Chris states “it’s a living and breathing thing… you don’t have to be a maths whizz…you just need to learn it”. Understanding expenses, net income, gross income, effective labor rate, the gross profit percentage, and realizing how your financial metrics function helps create CLARITY in the business as it touches so many various components, resulting in better systems and the tools to scale and grow your SERVICE DRIVE.

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#47 – Service Advisors That Over-Deliver

Service Advisors that over-deliver and how to build a team that goes above and beyond to fulfill the amazing customer experience.

First, the SERVICE DRIVE guru’s joke about Gary’s cholesterol issues as he’s just had his blood taken, in addition to Gary revealing his new tattoo! They then move onto the main topic this week of Service Advisors who over deliver and those who “almost see the business as their own and have an overwhelming care for the customer”. Chris then breaks down a good hiring process, a system that he uses to hire the “over-deliver” type of advisor. Chris and Gary break down the TIPS and TOOLS on how to create a perfect system and work environment so that advisors can function at a top level, in addition to highlighting the factors that inhibit them from fulfilling that potential.

This week’s show is a great snack-sized episode that will help improve your Service Drive systems and give you the tools to get your advisors to the elite level.

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#46 – Essential Business and Leadership Books

Chet Holmes’ book The Ultimate Sales Machine.

Gary discusses one of his favorite books ‘The Ultimate Sales Machine’, in doing so he mentions that it would be in his top 5 favorite business books of all time. This sparks a debate that triggers the rest of the podcast as Chris brings up other books that would knock The Ultimate Sales Machine out of his top 5. They look at must-read books that have changed the business and leadership sphere, having a conversation about their best points, tools, and takeaways. As always these involve some funny stories!

This week’s show is great if you’re looking for some essential reading or looking for a great reading list that will help inspire you to go further in the SERVICE DRIVE. As Chris states, “the list is the creme-da-la-creme” of business books.

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#45 – Staffing For The Peaks Not The Valleys

On this week’s show, Chris “The Bulldog” Collins and co-host Gary “G MAN” Daniel discuss staffing for the peaks and not the valleys.

As part of the tradition, before the SERVICE DRIVE gurus break down the tools and tips on staffing for peaks, they get caught up on their recent activities. Gary had a meeting with the managers of a hotel to hold the Chris Collins Top Dog Event 2017 at their hotel. To show their interest and to entice to do the event at their location, they brought Chris and Gary a beautiful porcelain dog, but it wasn’t an English Bulldog – find out what they gave them on the show.

Gary decides to try Chris’ tequila and his eyes water (see the trailer!). Gary also brings up that he has a tattoo appointment this weekend but still unsure what to get, maybe a sprocket, a gear. See what tattoo he got in a couple weeks!

The Service Drive leaders then move onto the main topic of the week – staffing for the peaks and not the valleys. Chris states “the thing we keep fighting in our industry is retention with customers but we keep making SERVICE ADVISORS write more and more customers”. Chris and Gary look at how you hire for the peaks, addressing the culture of the business, and delving into the fundamentals – SYSTEMS, SYSTEMS, SYSTEMS. They break down the specific tools and tips you need to make sure you’re prepared for those busy times and not functioning at high-value in the quiet times.

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