#25 – How to Improve Focus and Time Management In Your Service Department

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Straight out of the gate, Leading Service Manager Trainers Chris Collins and Gary Daniel open up a nice bottle of oak barrel whiskey, a monthly whiskey subscription from Chris to Gary that is“the gift that keeps giving”. Then the gurus of the Service Drive get down to business and start discussing the new Time Management tools, closely inspired by Gary’ s new read Deep Work by Cal Newport. But just as they are about to delve into the content, Gary walks into a landmine and reminds Chris of a story that Gary’ s wife let loose in the office – for that you’ ll have to listen to the full episode!

“Content! Content! Content!” Gary states as the duo refocus. Talking of focus, Gary becomes host as he takes the audience deeper into Cal Newport’ s book Deep Focus. The book addresses various case-studies on major CEO’ s, such as Bill Gates, and their approaches to a deeper level of focus in the business industry. How does social media, email, working from home effect your focus levels? Chris brings up a study that revealed the endorphin release onthe swiping motion on smart phones while Gary addresses the concepts of ‘task switching’ and ‘think weeks.’

This episode is essential for Service Drive Managers looking for the invaluable tools and advice that Gary and Chris Provide. You will come away with a laugh and smile, but more importantly you’ ll walk away with priceless tools that will help you implement improved focus, productivity and time management in the Dealership.

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