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#31 – Understanding Ego and The New Era Of Marketing

In this content rich show, Service Drive Guru’s Chris “THE BULLDOG” Collins and Gary Daniel “THE G-MAN” discuss multiple informative topics that will help you realize the less obvious tools that will take your Service Drive to the next level.

Gary gives one of his most intriguing book reviews to date on the book Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday while Chris reveals the “twists” in the NEW ERA OF MARKETING. But first, as part of the after work fun, Chris brings up a SERVICE DRIVE REVOLUTION hit feature…Gary’s Cholesterol – “even whole foods are asking about you! ”The guys joke how they give so much great content away on the podcasts that other’s would probably charge for, but still the one thing that people bring up to them the most is…you guessed it – Gary’s Cholesterol. HOWEVER, there is a reason why people ask this the most, which the guys realize when they discuss marketing, more of this later in the show. Chris then resolves this by simply stating “It sucks getting old”. This follows with a brief TRUMP discussion and then the guys move onto the main topics.

First, Gary gives insight into Ryan Holiday’s book Ego Is The Enemy. Gary, as a fan of Holiday’s, discusses how the writer dissects the Ego, and how the ego implements its way into day to day life. He looks at how“ ego can potentially be stopping you from progressing but in a very subtle way”. Gary relates this to the Service Drive and looks at how you progress in your own paths, from shop foreman to service advisor to the assistant service manager for example, and how your ego can overstimulate confidence in a way that can hinder the effectiveness of those transitions. Gary breaks this concept down and gives you great TIPS on how you can manage your own progression and successes in your career not just focusing on “the highlight reel” but also the “failure reel”…“It’s interesting because if you’re aware of it…then you can get in front of it!”

Chris moves the conversation onto Marketing and how the industry’s marketing strategies are too “copy-cat and boring”. Chris looks at how mainstream shows use their drama to pull attention, how excitement and stories help attract wider audiences. Chris then takes you BEHIND THE CURTAIN at Chris Collins Inc and reveals what pulls best with his own email marketing strategies. Furthermore, he breaks down and gives you direct steps in how you can really capture the attention of your target audience. Click the link below to watch the full episode.

Service Drive Revolution by Chris Collins Inc.

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