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#32 – The First 100 Days of Office

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The leaders in Service Drive address the importance of getting your 2017 year started right. They emphasize how the first 100 days are critical to getting on track and setting a high standard for the rest of your year.

Opening this week’s show, the guys tease each other with some familiar topics from Gary’s cholesterol to Jair’s days getting hazed in his Fraternity. Gary’s cholesterol reminds Chris of a Sam Kinison joke about laying dead on a slab…watch the show for the laughs. This then moves onto the $50,000 SERVICE DRIVE MANAGER challenge that Chris hosts each year and awards at the TOP DOG EVENT 2017. They discuss how the event becomes a win-win either way as your progression is financially viable whether you win the $50k or not. The topic swiftly moves onto an interesting business discussion based on Warren Buffett’s practices in philanthropy and general business practice. They discuss a documentary that features and profiles Warren Buffett, and how even with billions of dollars he remains grounded and humble. Chris makes an analogy about keeping stats on baseball in the 1950s and how Warren says that he would just wait for the perfect pitch because it’s not like he’s going to strike out in business waiting for the perfect pitch.

The SERVICE DRIVE gurus then move onto the main topic as Chris asks the question “What’s your first 100 days of 2017 going to be like”? Chris then lists off the things that a new president entering administration has to do within those first 100 days. What must a president do leading up to and within his/her first 100 days? They look at the complexity and the longevity of the list, and how there are so many various huge decisions to make. Chris then draws this back to the service drive by stating “look at what they have to do, we have much easier decisions to make, like adding another phone to the switchboard”. The guys then motivate you to take those decisions, take action and fire you up for your first 100 days of 2017. They discuss how they can help you help yourself, and with the right guidance that Chris offers, this can be your most productive period ever – NOW is the time to take that step…as Gary states “there are still 60 days left, you are not too late!”

The show offers you more of a personal side of our hosts, looking at how they stay in shape and make daily decisions. Although mostly entertaining than content driven, the show still relates and draws back to practices that you can implement in your own life to further your self-progression and success. Click the link below to view the full episode as Chris, Gary and Jair invite you to join them and if you’re ever in need of advice or tips, they are there for you! Feel free to comment or email in, and if you enjoy the show, please subscribe.

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